Ananthapuram 1980

Ananthapuram 1980



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 25 May 2009

Movie Title

Ananthapuram 1980


M. Sasikumar

Star Cast

Jai, Sasikumar, Kanja Garuppu, 'Colors' Swathi, Samudrakani

The film is set in the 80?s, and made like a Quentin Tarantino style revenge-and-redemption saga.

The background is the bonding between three unemployed guys (Jai, Sasikumar, Kanja Garuppu) living in Ananthapuram area. They do the odd jobs and strike a rapport with a politician (Samudrakani) and end up as murderers behind the bars. Jai loves Tulasi ('Colors' Swathi), who's the daughter of the politician's brother.

The romance creates a fissure in the gang. Meanwhile the politician?s brother uses them to murder a party rival, promising they will be bailed out. But nobody comes to bail them out, and the guys realize that they have been used by the political family. Now the gang from sheer admiration for the family turns into a revenge spree, which leads to a gory end.

Jai resembles the Tamil hero Vijay and he is good. Sasikumar, the debutant director of the film too, appears as one of the male leads and has less to emote but does his part appreciably. Third male lead Kanja Garuppu offers a little comedic relief in the first half and has more to do in the climax. 'Colors' Swathi is cute and simple, but has a very small role on the whole, since the movie runs around the male characters mostly. The rest of the cast is as new to Telugu audience as the male leads, and everyone seems to have done justice to one's part.

Granted that there is not much of a story here but it is the slick way the film unfolds that keeps you riveted to your seats. Sasikumar has paid more attention to slick execution, innovative camera movements including top angle and tight close-up. The art director and costume designer has worked hard to give that feel and look of the 80?s.

The story depicts the 1980s in a town setting. Choosing Ananthapuram as the title in Telugu is apt too, given the theme of the film that runs around political plots and ploys; it also has a cute love story within. However, the story treatment has a strong Tamil flavor and may not appeal to all sections of Telugu audience. (This film is the dubbed version of Subramaniapuram in Tamil.)

The music director James Vasanth also deserves a pat on his back for coming out with some retro music. His use of vocal and rhythms has resulted in some sweet melodies, and his background score heightens the tense atmosphere in the film. At times Vasanth has used just silence to convey the feelings of the characters.

Ananthapuram 1980 is an appreciable effort by the whole team but much the Telugu audience can embrace a Tamil-dubbed film is to be seen. But for its violence, it has all the ingredients to appeal to any audience but it's not what Telugu audience can see regularly.

Verdict: Above Average

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