Anbe Anbe

Anbe Anbe

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 07 May 2003

Movie Title

Anbe Anbe



Star Cast

Shaam, Sharmilee

AVM?sAnbe Anbe is a family drama that focuses on the family bond, love, sorrow and other problems that you have seen in umpteen films.

A joint family of Thatha (M.N.Nambiar) and Paati (Manorama) live in a palatial house, near Kanyakumari with their sons, daughter and grandchildren. They have two grandsons (Shaam and Yugendran) who hate each other from childhood as Shaam is always first in whatever he does and Yugendran is jealous of it. Sharmilee, the old couple`s granddaughter walks in with her parents creating further rifts among the cousins as Shaam falls in love with her. All these lead to the elders quarrelling among themselves and finally Shaam sacrifices his love for his cousin. But like in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun climax, the family dog plays cupid and unites the lovers. And the whole family live happily ever after!!

There is nothing new in the story and director Manibharathi has not been able to tell this weak story with conviction. The lead pair of Shaam and Sharmilee are wooden though Yugendran carries his role with ease. The songs tuned by Bharadwaj are the saving grace as all they are hummable, but the picturisation could have been better. Vivek?s comedy track makes fun of Malayalees, which is below the belt humour.

Verdict: Tedious

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