Anbe Vaa

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 17 November 2005

Movie Title

Anbe Vaa



Star Cast

Vivek, Tendral, Sreedevika, Rekha

It is the 150th film of Vivek and has nothing in common with that MGR-Saroja Devi classic by the same name produced by AVM.

Anbe Vaa is a sort of a launch pad for its hero Thendral (guy looks 40 plus and has a paunch) and new girl Sreedevika. But to sell the film the makers have roped in Vivek in a parallel role as the hero?s ?mama? and his mentor who has all the punch lines.

The story is about a rich heiress (Rekha) whose son is the new guy Tendral. He is a good-for-nothing guy who spends his time drinking and making merry with friends and ?mama? (Vivek). In fact, it this ?mama? who sorts out all his problems. Together they go to a village to see a girl under the orders of Rekha, who feels that marriage would make Tendral a responsible man.

They meet Sreedevika and it is love at first sight for Tendral and soon he gets married to her. But post-marriage, the couple starts fighting as they find that they are not compatible. Enter the ?mama? who sorts out everything and unite the lovers.

Anbe Vaa depends largely on Vivek?s scintillating comedy show. His antics spice up the proceedings and the punch lines make you smile. Sreedevika is not bad for a first timer. The film drags towards the end and music of D.Imman is a big let down. On the whole, this Selvabharathy directed film is funny in parts thanks to the one-man laugh brigade called Vivek.

Verdict: Average

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