Anbirkiniyal review: A feel-good survival drama


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 01 March 2021

Movie Title

Anbirkiniyal review: A feel-good survival drama



Star Cast

Keerthi Pandian, Arun Pandian, Gokul

Director Gokul has tried his best to retain the core flavor of the riveting survival thriller Helen in his Tamil remake Anbirkiniyal. Though the remake falls short of the original in the first half, the thriller portions in the second half work well. 

Anbirkiniyala, a  happy go lucky yet responsible girl  (A superb Keerthi Pandian) has only one aim and that is to fly to Canada and get a proper nursing job so that, she will be able to pay the EMI of her house and eases down the pressure of her dad Sivam(Arun Pandian), a LIC agent. Anbu also works in a fast food joint to take care of her educational expenses. Anbu and Sivam are more like friends who share everything under the sun. 

Everything goes well until a police officer takes both Anbu and her boyfriend, Charles, to the police station after he finds that the former is inebriated. Sivam comes to know about her daughter's love and stops talking to her for a day. Later in the night, Anbu goes missing. What happened to her?

The cute scenes between Keerthi and Arun Pandian in the first half are over the top unlike the original, which is subtle and organic. But as Keerthi and Arun Pandian are real-life dad and daughter, it brings in a new color. As pointed out earlier, Gokul has flawlessly directed the thriller portions and maintained the momentum until the climax. He extracted the best from his actors, especially Keerthi who has done a good job in the film. It's tough to match the talented Anna Ben but Keerthi has almost reached there. Arun Pandian has also delivered a passable performance in the latter half of the film.

Technically too, the film has matched the original and all the actors have done their parts well. To conclude, for those who watched the original, Anbirikinyal is a good watch and for others, it would be a compelling watch.

Verdict: A faithful remake



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