And the Oskar goes to.. review- This one is a fine one time watch at best

And the Oskar goes to- This one is a fine one time watch at best

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 23 June 2019

Movie Title

And the Oskar goes to.. review- This one is a fine one time watch at best


Saleem Ahamed

Star Cast

Tovino, Anu Sitara

Director Salim Ahamed, who directed the National award winning Adaminte Makan Abu (2011), narrates the story of a young filmmaker in his And the Oskar goes to

Issak Ebrahem (Tovino Thomas) comes from a modest Muslim family and dreams only about movies. When he fails to convince producers to bankroll his script, he decides to produce his maiden venture himself. He gets some financial support from his family and with great difficulty, Issak manages to convince actor Aravindan (Sreenivasan) to play the protagonist and start shooting his movie.

The character that Aravindan plays on screen is inspired from Sakhav Moidu (Salim Kumar), an old man in Issak’s neighbourhood. 

The honesty of Issak is rewarded as his movie wins the National award and gets picked as India’s official entry for the Oscars. Issak is elated but he soon realizes that marketing the movie for the Oscars is much difficult a task than he had imagined in his wildest dreams.

There are quite a few basic facts that one would require to enjoy And the Oskar goes to… (incidentally, the ‘Oskar’ in the title could be a way to avoid copyright hassles). 

The highlight of the movie is Tovino Thomas’ stellar performance. He gets into the skin of the character with amazing ease and looks convincing all along. The rest of the cast, especially Sidhique, Maala Parvathy and Anu Sithara are good.

It is evident that the director has made this one mostly based on his own experiences taking Adaminte Makan Abu for the Oscars. It is easier for those who know about these basic trivia like how the characters played by Sreenivasan and Salim Kumar are connected, which would make the viewing more enjoyable.

Even otherwise And the Oskar goes to… belongs to the feel good kind, where almost every character is nice and the emotions are added as required in the recipe for such genre of movies. This one is a fine one time watch at best.

Review: And the Oskar goes to: A Watchable film

Critic’s rating: 3/5

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