Andari Banduvaya

Andari Banduvaya


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 15 May 2010

Movie Title

Andari Banduvaya


Chandra Siddardha

Star Cast

Sharwanad, Padmapriya, Naresh, Vijay Sai, Pragathi, RK

Chandra Siddartha, who earlier made Aa Naluguru, about self-sacrifice, and also Idi Sangathi, about gluttony, is now back with Andari Banduvaya, which extensively deals with human values.

The choice of the director in selecting youngsters for the film comes as a big plus point to the film. Though the movie is slow, it has ample dose of entertainment, giving the audiences a fresh experience.

Nandu (Sarwanand), a village youth who works in a city, is altruistic. His colleague, Paddu (Padma Priya), is a composed girl, who is particular about spending each and every rupee for her own good. Yet, both are surprised at each others? attitude towards philanthropy, and still being friends.

For some reason, the girl comes to Nandu?s village, and sees the real essence of helping the individuals around. Paddu slowly falls in love with Nandu for all his nobility. A situation so develops that Nandu pledges his eyes and heart for a loan of Rs 5 lakh, which he distributes for public good. When the money lender, who happens to be a goon, arrives to claim the heart and eyes of Nandu (as he fails to repay the loan), what happens? It forms the crux of the story.

Sharwanand, the rich arrogant boy of Gamyam, a politically powerful youth in Prasthanam, is now a gentleman with an overflowing generosity for society here. Interestingly, he shows the best shades of his prowess in each film, making him win the accolades from the audiences as a versatile actor at a young age. His character sounds unique from the start to the finish.

Padma Priya looked beautiful all through the film, with a close resemblance to Tabu in some angles. Kudos to the director, for providing the girl footage not only as a performer but also as glam doll.

Naresh, who did a hilarious performance in Aa Naluguru with his Rayalaseema accent, did a key role here in this film. He succeeded in evoking both laughter and pathos in the theatre.

For Telugu audiences, the film is definitely a novel experience. The positive factors in the film, say in the storyline and its treatment, are difficult to practice in real life, and this again comes as the commercial angle ? what can?t be practiced off the screen, can be a reality onscreen.

Dialogues by Balabhadrapatruni Ramani are funny and the spoof on Bommarillu climax dialogue is amusing. Cinematography by Gummadi Krishna looked average. Editing was poor in some patches. Anoop Rubens? background music would win thunderous applause from the audience and it actually would make them forget the film?s drawbacks and even moving at a slow pace. Art work deserves kudos for its natural flavor.

As the film touches the sidelined in society and yet perennial topics inside the man like money, sex and selfishness, there is a possibility that it could tickle the senses of the youth. The longevity of the film could be gauzed in the coming weeks. Watching this movie will not bring any disappointment to the audience, though it has the A certification.

Verdict: Worth a watch

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