Angamaly Diaries review: Real, honest and gripping

It’s raw and violent, but this one is engaging to the core

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 March 2017

Movie Title

Angamaly Diaries review: Real, honest and gripping


Lijo Jose Pellissery

Star Cast

Antony Varghese, Reshma Rajan

The posters of director Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Angamaly Diaries announce it as a ‘katta local padam’ or a ‘hardcore local flick’. And that is exactly what it is, chronicling a series of events that happens in the lives of a few in the town of Angamaly. It’s raw and violent, but this one is engaging to the core.

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The story begins when a scuffle happens between two gangs and soon we are introduced to Vincent Pepe (Antony Varghese), a hot-tempered youth coming from a modest household. It is learned that he got attracted to violence pretty early in his life and as it is shown here, booze, fights and indulging in criminal activities is quite normal in this part of the world.

Pepe tries to get out of all the shady activities at a certain point but things go wrong, as some unprecedented happenings lead to a rivalry with another gang.

It’s all there that is usually seen from a story of this kind, but what works here in a splendid way is Lijo’s brilliance as a filmmaker. He beautifully mixes the peculiar dialect of Angamaly, the attitude of the natives, their love for pork and the inherent humour that makes them so special.

Chemban Vinod Jose, who hails from the area, has managed to come out with a convincing script that is based on real events and characters that behave like normal people. A big round of applause for Girish Gangadharan’s splendid visuals and Prashanth Pillai’s terrific music.

But what gives such an authentic feel to the film is its cast, comprising of 86 fresh talents. Each one of them performs with great confidence and earnestness. Antony Varghese, who plays Vincent Pepe, is a talent to watch out for. Also, there are a few genuine actors who surprises the viewers with their performances.

Angamaly Diaries is not the kind of film that tries to impress you with too much goodness or fantasy like situations. But this one is so real, honest and gripping. Go for it!

Angamaly Diaries review: Verdict: Good

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