Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 29 November 2014

Movie Title



Jean Markose

Star Cast

Indrajith, Asha Sarath, Joy Mathew

Why is it that murder mysteries have to be made in the same old format? Well, this is the only question that will remain in our minds as we walk out of debutant director Jean Markose?s ?Angels?.

So, as it is mandatory in films of these kinds, some characters are introduced and a few murders happen. Then some drama ensues to kill time and we will have to wait till the closing scenes when someone responsible for the crime will be presented with some weird reasons. It?s the same story here as well.

Hameem Haider (Indrajith) is a super cop, who has been removed from certain responsibilities. Haritha Menon (Asha Sarath) is an anchor, who hosts a ?live? show for a TV channel. Fr. Varghese Punyalan (Joy Mathew) is a reckless priest, who cares about none while voicing his opinions.

Three women get murdered and the priest prompts Haritha to discuss it in her show. Hameem is invited for the show as well.

We don?t want to play spoilsports and so we will leave it to all those who are interested to discuss the loose ends in the screenplay. In fact, the film leaves us with more questions than it actually answers.

It?s a rather small but unconvincing idea that prompted the director to come up with this film. In all fairness, it has been presented in a decent manner but the script is shaky from the word go.

Indrajith maintains a single look throughout the film, while Asha Sarath and Joy Mathew repeat their signature styles.

Angels is meant to be a thriller but it is far from engaging. It is indeed disappointing that when the world around experiment newer styles to narrate engaging stories, our filmmakers refuse to move away from the boring, traditional track. If you are fine with that, watch this one at your own risk!

Verdict: Average

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