Anjaam Paathira review:Be ready to be shocked and thrilled

Anjaam Paathira review:Be ready to be shocked and thrilled

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Critic's Rating: 3.75/5

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Movie Title

Anjaam Paathira review:Be ready to be shocked and thrilled


Midhun Manuel Thomas

Star Cast

Kunchacko Boban, Unnimaya, Remya Nambeeshan

If you are ready to watch some cops and a criminologist trying hard to unveil the mystery behind a few shocking murders, head straight to watch writer and director Midhun Manuel Thomas’ Anjaam Paathira.

Anwar Hussain (Kunchacko Boban) is a criminal psychologist, who is doing his research with the help of his friend, Assistant Commissioner of Police Anil Madhavan (Jinu Joseph). 

Anil seeks Anwar’s help, when a police officer is found abducted and murdered mysteriously. They are in for shock again as another cop is killed soon after and Anwar tells the possibility of a serial killer in action to the investigating team, headed by Catherine Maria (Unnimaya Prasad).

The case gets more intriguing as the killer seems to leave some clues at the murder scenes, as if to send some messages to others.

The cops soon realise that they are not dealing with some normal brains as CCTV visuals are tampered and control systems are hacked. The investigating team now employs a young hacker, played by Sreenath Bhasi, who come up with some startling findings that takes the story ahead.

We are not going to spoil the excitement with any more details about the storyline.

With a tight script and a presentation that barely gives the space to think much, Midhun Manuel Thomas presents this thriller in a highly engaging manner. The visuals by Shyju Khalid and the music by Sushin Shyam are top notch.

In a role where he looks thoroughly convincing, Kunchacko Boban has done a terrific job. Unnimaya, Jinu Joseph and Sreenath Bhasi are really good. 

Anjaam Paathira is a superb thriller that makes you sit on the edge of the seat for a considerable time. Be ready to be shocked and thrilled, as you sit and watch the strange happenings. Go for it!

Anjaam Paathira review: A smartly packed thriller

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