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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 16 March 2009

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Muralidhar, Prashanth, Shuba Punj, Dwarakish, Avinash

A remake of Tamil film Anjathey, this Kannada version is loaded with developments in the second half and the first half looks dismal.

Today the audiences are intelligent enough to understand and catch the story line in just one line dialogue. Instead of a tortuous first half the film second half would have been a better presentation on the screen.

The suffocation for the studious and intelligent Krupa (Muralidhar) is that his good friend Sathyamurthy (Prashanth) a disorderly gets the job of Inspector.

Krupa feels as if he has lost everything in life and changes his path. On the other hand the job in hand for Sathyamurthy changes his outlook.

His loyalty and friendship does not come down to Krupa. As the reels passes Krupa is in the hands of despicable gang and this is where the good friend Sathyamurthy feels utterly sorry.

Krupa is not ready to hear to his friend Sathyamurthy even after many attempts to change his route. Krupa pays the penalty for his wrong doings in the end.

Prashanth as cop in the film does not suit and Muralidhar as Krupa is not able to give a convincing performance.

Shuba Punj is wasted. Dwarakish and Adhi Lokesh the bad company is not chilling. Ravi Kale and Avinash lives up to the expectations.

Not even one song is worth mentioning and even the cinematography is also very average.

Verdict ? Below average

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