Anjala review: Watchable entertainer

Anjala review:Watchable entertainer



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 19 February 2016

Movie Title

Anjala review: Watchable entertainer


Thangam Saravanan

Star Cast

Pasupathy, Vemal, Nanditha

Films like Anjala keep proving us that there is no need to be inspired from western movies, read screenplay pattern in reverse chronological order. Anjala is definitely not a cult classic but debut director Thangam Saravanan has narrated a heartwarming story and executed it without any confusion.

Of course, Anjala has all clichés of Tamil cinema but the solid back story and Pasupathy’s towering performance make us root for the film.

Anjala is a famous tea shop run by Muthirulandi (Pasupathy ) and it’s like the second home for many youngsters including Kavas (Vemal), Kalyana Raman (Aadukalam Murugadoss) and Jogging Chellapa (Imman Annachi). When government decides to demolish the tea shop for National Highway project, Pasupathy and the rest of the people in nearby areas reach out the court to save the vibrant tea shop . To their luck, they get a stay order!

There is also a flashback on how Muthiralandi’s dad started the tea shop in British India and how it turned out to be the reason behind the formation of a busy neighborhood. Meanwhile, a local politician’s (Subbu Panchu) illegal booze truck hits Kavas’ ladylove Uthra (Nandita) and turns upside town near Anjal tea stall.

Now, the politician is waiting for the right time to take revenge against the local youngsters and Anjala tea stall. Also, there is a split within the Anjala gang as they begin to think that the tea shop prevents them in achieving their aims.

The rest of the film is all about whether the Anjala tea shop is saved from the government and the politician. Also, how Muthirlandi ensure his boys to get settle in their lives…

The film’s biggest strength is Pasupathy, his effortless acting in the flashback and present portions is picture perfect that we are attracted to the tea shop just like the bunch of youngsters in the movie. However, all other actors are too loud except Nandita Swetha and thus, the film slowly turn out to be a predictable entertainer.

Nevertheless, the strong back story of the tea stall’s history is the major driving factor in the movie and like Pasupathy, we too cannot accept the demolishment of Anjala in the climax.

Technically Gopi Sundar’s music is good, especially the Kanjadai song is hummable and Praveen KL’s editing is another plus with the running time of 112 minutes.

Overall, Anjala is a watchable feel good film with the usual clichés of Kollywood including romance and comedy.

Verdict: Watchable

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