Annadurai review- A satisfying watch

A family mass entertainer which is packaged like 'Pichaikkaran'.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 30 November 2017

Movie Title

Annadurai review- A satisfying watch


G Srinivasan

Star Cast

Vijay Antony, Diana Champika, Senthilkumar, Kaaali Venkat

Vijay Antony is one actor who is courageous and brave, as his films focus mainly on delivering an entertaining film with strong family sentiments and not rely on gimmicks, punch lines or even insisting on  top glamour girls as heroines in his films. His latest film with a catchy title Annadurai, is another family mass entertainer which is packaged  like  'Pichaikkaran', his career biggest hit.

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Annadurai and Thambidurai (both played by Vijay Antony) are twin brothers.  Annadurai is an alcoholic who is a kind hearted man while his brother Thambidurai is a PT master in a school who is an obedient son to his parents. Circumstances and alcohol push Annadurai to commit a crime, which shatters his family and personal life. He goes to jail and returns after seven years to see that his brother has become the right-hand man to the villain. Now its Annadurai's turn to settle scores and help his brother to come out his present life. 

Vijay Antony sinks his teeth into the dual roles with a subdued performance. The actor once again proves his ability to handle emotional and mass sequences with great ease.  He has also handled music and editing this time. All the songs are good and the dream song is shot in a rich manner.

Journalist turned actor Senthilkumar delivers a very impressive performance while the rest of the actors (all fresh faces) are adequate. There are three girls and among them Diana Champika is good. She looks huge on screen but her romance and scenes at school with Thambidurai is Interesting. There are three villains and they are reduced to  nostril-flaring, bulging-eyed caricatures.

The film begins well with a strong establishment of characters and the first half moved at a rapid pace with a solid twist in the interval point. Despite its sluggish pace in the second half the film has a mix of action and sentiments but the director could've avoided the melodramatic ending.

At best, Annadurai is a satisfying watch. Just don’t go in with high expectations.

Annadurai review- Verdict : A satisfying watch

Reactions from Social Media:
Sreedhar Pillai @sri50

#Annadurai is a mass commercial @vijayantony template film in which he impresses in a dual role as identical twins with contrasting characters. Sentiment & action has been mixed to provide the thrills.@mrsvijayantony @realradikaa

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan
#Annadurai - a clean family drama powered by strong sentiments and familial bonding. @vijayantony steals the show in dual roles.

Ajay Srinivasan‏ @Ajaychairman
#Annadurai is a family entertainer that revolves around two twins- Annadurai (textile business manager) & Thambidurai (a physical trainer) who make several sacrifices for their family and their brother bonding will be a highlight.

Mohan G‏ @mohandreamer
#AnnaDurai.. Pakka Family entertainment.. Not for trend goers.. Family ah polam.. Vijay Antony with his settled acting and dialog deliveries scores again and climax was convincing..

Fatima Vijay Antony‏ @mrsvijayantony
#Annadurai Audience are emotional and totally involved from the very 1st scene,and heart touching climax,there is special mention about climax, thank you all, do watch Annadurai in theatres near you.

hari‏ @harimca1995
@vijayantony very excellent movie annadurai music and editing are superb@diana champika mam excellent acting @mrsvijayantony for supporting vijayantony anna.

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi
A good serial killer film that has a theme of 80's. Have you seen Maharaju, Magamaharaju? This is the film that even puts radaan serials to shame. #Indrasena a man who can win over Relangi mavayya in competition for manchitanam. #Annadurai

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