`Anniyan` creates history at Sathyam!

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 30, 2005 05:37 hrs

Anniyan after taking a fantastic five weeks opening has started dropping all over Tamilnadu. From Tamilnadu theatrical the film is likely to get a share of around Rs 16 Crore nowhere near the Chandramukhi collections of Rs 23 Crore!

In the Chandramukhi Vs Anniyan battle at the box-office, the Rajnikanth starrer is the clear winner all over Tamilnadu except Chennai city where Anniyan will emerge with higher share. Chandramukhi has swept the overseas market but in other areas like Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka Anniyan is the leader.

If Chandramukhi celebrated 100 days in 90 theatres in Tamilnadu, and then fell Anniyan will celebrate 100 days in less than 30 theatres as per present indications. However one record of Anniyan that other films in future may find difficult to break is at Chennai’s huge Sathyam theatre.

In 42 days Anniyan has netted Rs 1.05 Crore with a distributors share of approximately Rs 52 Lakhs! The figure is an all India record for collections, the highest share in least number of days from any theatre in India!