Anti Indian review: Average political satire

Anti Indian: Passable

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday 08 December 2021

Movie Title

Anti Indian review: Average political satire



Star Cast

Maaran, Radha Ravi, Narain, Suresh Chakravathy.

Popular YouTube reviewer Blue Sattai Maaran's debut directorial film Anti Indian is a political satire that revolves around the death of political advertisement painter Baasha (also played by Maaran) and how religions and politicians make use of his death for their own good!

The film begins with Baasha's death, his dad is a Muslim while his mom was born as a Hindu and later embraced Christianity. Being a Muslim, Baasha's relatives want to cremate him as per Islam tradition but the local Muslims say that he never practiced Islam. Now, a Hindu political party wants to cremate him but in the burial ground, authorities say that Baasha is not a Hindu so, they cant' cremate him. When Christians are ready to bury him, the representatives of the Hindu and Muslim religions are against their decision. Meanwhile, the ruling party is waiting for a big announcement from a film superstar and has plans to cancel the by-election by creating a religious riot using Baasha's death! 

Though Anti Indian is not a technically sound film, it is fairly engaging, especially in the first half. The dialogues evoke laughter and also make us think. Cut to the second half, the film starts depending on the lengthy dialogues, which might impress people who love such a dialogue-driven film. We feel that the second half should have been more crisper with subtle execution.

Made at a minimal budget, the film sticks to the core plot and is a passable venture.. All the actors including Radha Ravi, Narain, Jayaraj, and Karna Raja have done a good job 

Our final word is that Blue Sattai Maran has passed the acid test with Anti Indian. We have to wait and see the kind of films that he is going to make in the future.

Verdict: Passable political satire








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