Anurag took me to a different level: Reema Sen

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Last Updated: Wed, Aug 1st, 2012, 16:29:07hrs
Anurag took me to a different level: Reema Sen

Reema Sen the pretty damsel has always chosen the right things at the right time, which probably just gave a boost to her already lavish luck. When wedding bells rang for her, everyone thought that her priorities will change and her career will take a back seat. But she has always been someone who knew what to do and when. Two months after marriage she signed a film in Tamil and  she has been getting critical acclaim for her bold and daring role in Anurag Kashyap’s gripping revenge saga, Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW)- Part One. She plays the sensuous Durga, second wife of Sardar Khan the character enacted by Manoj Bajpai.

Reema has been getting critical acclaim as well as box-office success with the film.  GOW has netted around Rs 25 Crore in its first10 days of release. All top directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Bejoy Nambiar, VNAditya and others have called her up and congratulated her for her brilliant performance.

Reema who is currently in Chennai shooting for remake of Sattam Oru Irutarai in an exclusive interview speaks to Sridevi Sreedhar

GOW has given you a new image in Bollywood along with critical appreciation. How did it happen?
First and foremost I have to thank Anurag Kashyap for believing that I could do full justice to the role. I’ve known Anurag long time before he became a director. He explained my part clearly beforehand though he has not seen any of my films but was confident that the difficult role of fiery Bengali tigress Durga could only be done by me.

GOW is your boldest film so far, especially your sensual scenes with Manoj Bajpai. How comfortable were you doing the film?
After going through the bounded script of the film, I knew exactly what my role was going to be. As far as the intimate scenes are concerned it is no big deal. There is no skin show, other than a back shot.

Your bareback in GOW has created a stir. Please comment
Can’t help it if I’ve got a good back (Laughs). But jokes apart, it was such a simple shot. Never imagined it would catch everyone’s fancy. Anurag and Ravi (cameraman Rajeev Ravi) never make it look voyeuristic.  I was fine doing whatever I was told.

What was the most difficult scene in the film?
There was this scene in the film where I had to slap Manoj and I accidentally hit him.  After the take he laughed and told me - God bless your husband! The entire unit burst out laughing.

What did your husband Shiv Karan Singh say after watching GOW?
Shiv is pretty cool about my work and does not interfere. When he saw the movie he loved my work but found the movie a little too heavy. On the first day of the film Shiv called all our friends and arranged an early dinner at his Smoke House Delhi at the DLF Mall. It was followed by a late night show of GOW next door at PVR Directors Cut.

Do you rate GOW as your best film in recent times?
I have worked with some of the best directors like Selvaraghavan, Gautam Menon, Priyadarshan, VN Aditya and others. However the best etched role in my career is Durga of GOW and I owe it all to Anurag. He is the best; he took me to a different level. I’ve never got so many encouraging messages from the industry. I was so touched when Bijoy Nambiar took the effort to get my number and congratulated me saying that it was a brilliant performance. Ram Gopal Varma, VN Aditya, Shriya and many others praised my work in the film.