Anveshanam review: Don't miss it!

Anveshanam attempts to hit the viewer emotionally

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Friday 07 February 2020

Movie Title

Anveshanam review: Don't miss it!


Prasobh Vijayan

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Sruthi Ramachandran, Leona Lishoy

Prasobh Vijayan, who made his debut as a director with Lilli, presents a well-crafted thriller with enough emotional moments, titled Anveshanam.

The narrative creates tension by presenting curious sequences, introducing some new characters at certain points and giving hints about the possibilities that led to the incident. The process of connecting the dots happen later and that has been done in an impressive way.

Aravind (Jayasurya) and his wife Kavitha (Sruthi Ramachandran) are living in an apartment, with their kids. The story begins when their elder kid is taken to the hospital after he fell from the stairs.

Kavitha goes to the hospital with the two kids, along with Dr. Gautham (Vijay Babu), who is living in a nearby apartment. They try to contact Aravind, but his phone is switched off.

In between the cops learn about the incident when an unidentified caller informs the police station about a possible instance of child abuse, as some marks were seen on the kid’s body. A pregnant cop (Leona Lishoy) comes to the hospital to find out the truth.

It is the from the investigations done by the cops that the mysteries slowly get uncovered. 

With a genuine storyline that carries a rather important message, Prasobh has packaged the movie stylishly. The visuals by Sujith Vaassudev and the music by Jakes Bejoy have been used well to add to the effect.

Jayasurya is playing a character who is generally silent even during the difficult situations. The actor performs the role with extreme dedication and comes up with a good show. Sruthi Ramachandran is impressive. Leona Lishoy, Vijay Babu, Nandu and Sreekanth Murali have done their parts in a good way.

Anveshanam is perhaps attempting to hit the viewer emotionally, more than creating shocking moments or frequent twists. This is the kind of movie that stays with you long after you are out of the cinemas. Watch this one!

Verdict: A genuine thriller

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