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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 24 July 2010

Movie Title



Sibi Malayil

Star Cast

Nishan, Asif Ali, Nithya Menon

Apoorvaragam is not quite the film that you would expect from a director like Sibi Malayil, who has made several gems in the past. Well, it is indeed great for a filmmaker to try an altogether different genre but here, he looks totally out of place. With an unconvincing storyline, shaky script, mediocre performances and corny dialogues, the film is a total let down from the word go.

Roopesh (Nishan) is desperately in love with Nancy his college mate (Nithya Menon), the only daughter of a moneybags dad. With the help of his friend Tomy (Asif Ali), Roopesh succeeds in having Nancy fall for him.

A ridiculous song-n-dance later, things take some intriguing turns and as we sit exasperated at the dramatic happenings. More details could mean there is no surprise left for those who are interested in watching this silly film.

The film is perhaps designed to look like the Abbas-Mustan kind of crime thrillers, where heroes turn baddies all on a sudden and you are often spellbound as surprising twists happen one after the other.

But the problem here is that everything goes awry in the absence of a credible script. Things would have been a bit more effective with good performances but that is exactly where matters tend to head from bad to worse.

In a role that needed him to perform a variety of emotions, Nishan gives an altogether new meaning to 'wooden acting'. Asif Ali looks better when compared to him, but the casual way he delivers his dialogues spoil things for him. But then, most of the new faces (including the actor who played the heroine's dad) perform in an amateurish style. Nithya Menon, though she has only to look pretty or to smile in most scenes, does a decent job.

Sibi Malayil, who is celebrating the 25th year since the release of his maiden film Mutharamkunnu P O, disappoints big time. The script lacks any merit and some of the dialogues evoke surprise, as they have vulgarity in it. The visuals are fine but the music is pretty ordinary.

There have been so many hue and cries over why the young crop of actors gets sidelined in Malayalam, especially during recent times. Apoorvaragam shows how rubbish scripts can spoil their chances, but then it also reveals how much the young actors have to improve before they start dreaming big.

If you have loved Sibi Malayil's earlier films, get a copy of some of them watch it once again. That would be a better way to spend your time than to waste time on this inane experiment!

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