Appa Review: Missed the target by a mile

Appa Review: Missed the target by a mile

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Tuesday 05 July 2016

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Appa Review: Missed the target by a mile


G Marthandan

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Kunchacko Boban, Anu Sithara

Samuthirakani’s Appa is one such movie, where the intentions are noble but they often get diluted by the preachy execution. 

Undoubtedly, Appa is a relevant film on the issues prevailing in parenting and the pressure mounted by educational institutions but it would have been really great, if all these relevant messages are packed with a solid screenplay and subtle characters.

The film opens with the birth of three kids—Vetrieeswaran (Vignesh), Chakravarthy (Raghav) and Mayilvaganam (Nasath). Vetrieeswaran’s dad Dhayalan (Samuthirakani) gives full freedom to his son, encourages his interest in swimming and doesn’t pressurize to study all the time and solves his reluctance in conversing with his girlfriend Sagira Banu (Gabriella).

Chakravarthy’s dad Singaperumal (Thambi Ramaiah) is quite contrary to Dhayalan, he plans each and everything about his son—right from kinder garden admission to wedding, everything must follow the stipulated schedule. If both Dhayalan and Singaperumal are two extremes, as the name suggests Mayilvaganam’s dad Nadunilaiyan (Namo Narayanan) stays in middle ground—he doesn’t want his son to get involved in any issues and always advises him to be in safer side.

Interestingly Vetrieeswaran, Chakravarthy and Mayilvaganam are good friends. How their life changes because of their parents and respective educational institution forms the crux of the film.

As you read the plot, director Samuthirakani has got a potential story here and as a filmmaker, his last three films—Nadodigal ,Poraali and Nimirndhu Nil weren’t preachy and conveyed the social message with entertaining screenplays but Appa is loud and lack production values. Kudos to Samuthirakani’s thought of producing and directing a film to bring the much needed change in the society but his sanctimonious execution only makes Appa as an ineffective portrayal.

Although Samuthirakani is earnest in Appa, his performance becomes monotonous and it’s right time to show some versatility. Thambi Ramaiya too has become repetitive in performing the strict dad and his role can be seen as the derived form of his character Saattai. Among the bunch of kids played in the film, Nasath attracts us with his timing comedy and Yuva too shows great promise.

Unfortunately, Ilaiyaraaja’s background score is disappointing in Appa. Although Richard M Nathan’s angles are good, the visual quality is not up to the mark while AL Ramesh’s editing is quite good.

To conclude, Samuthirakani’s Appa has lost track as the director carried away by the message and missed the target by a mile!

Appa review: Verdict: Below Average.

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