April fool

April fool


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 03 April 2010

Movie Title

April fool


Viji Thampy

Star Cast

Jagadeesh, Siddique, Nayana

Director Viji Thampy's April fool is a frame-to-frame copy of the 2007 Bollywood film, Bheja Fry (which incidentally is a straight forward copy of the French film Le diner de cons or The Dinner Game). Actor Jagadeesh, who plays the lead in the film, has been credited with the film's screenplay and dialogues, but it is indeed ridiculous as most of the scenes and even the dialogues have been lifted from the Hindi version.

The main plot is about a weekly party at a club, where brash and dimwitted moneybags invite innocent talents and have fun playing pranks on them. Those who attend the party will have fun watching the hapless people being made idiots, as the invitees desperately try to exhibit their talents not knowing about the game.

Now, if you haven't seen the original or don't care about such things like plagiarism for instance, April fool can turn out to be an okay film at best. Still, the main problem with the premise itself is that the incidents happening in the story are less suited for our society or for the viewers to relate to.

Krishnanunni (Jagadeesh), a wannabe singer and loudmouth, is invited by a rich businessman called Rakesh Menon (Siddique), for being made an idiot at the party. But as it turns out to be, Krishnanunni's stupidity lands Rakesh in deep trouble. Thanks to Krishnanunni's dumb ways, Rakesh injures his back badly, his wife Seema (Nayana) walks out of his life, his girl friend learns about some shocking truths and he is at the risk of being raided by an income tax official.

Well, though there is nothing original about it, the film has some nice moments which may be entertaining but the lack of originality spoils the whole mood. Ranvir Shorey's performance in Bheja Fry which looked like a caricature had got mixed response, but that role has been brilliantly played by Jagathy Sreekumar here. The rest of cast is nowhere near their Hindi counterparts. Jagadeesh, Siddique, Biju Menon and Lal play their roles in their trademark styles. Nayana, who plays Siddique's wife, is pretty fine.

The director just had to recreate the characters, situations and sets like the Hindi film and he has done a nice job in copying that. The climax is perhaps the only original aspect here, but then it looks melodramatic and boring. Sanjeev Sankar's camera is okay and M Jayachandran's music is good.

After Happy Husbands drew inspiration from Charlie Chaplin (and also from its Hindi version, No Entry), here is another copy in Malayalam cinema, where the dearth of original ideas has become a real threat. The question here is, do we need such shameless rip-offs, when the DVDs of Hindi films are available here aplenty? We want original films, not some uninspiring imitations!

Verdict: Avoid

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