AR Rahman:There is a lot of noise in today’s music

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 06, 2017 10:30 hrs

AR Rahman’s concert film ‘One Heart’ is all set to release on September 8.

The Academy award winning music composer met the media recently and while answering a question on whether he feels today’s music has a lot of noise, Rahman said “I agree, there is a lot of noise in today’s music. The reason is we don’t have enough time to produce music with the live orchestra. The number of melodies and  Carnatic tunes has also been reduced because producers are not ready to fund projects which have scope for such music”.

Rahman also added “A cook first would first taste his food. Similarly, I first listen to my composition and if I feel not listening to it more than one week, will make changes. Audiences would listen to a song a multiple number of times and they shouldn’t feel bored”.

“If a song sounds fresh, I would readily play to the producer/ director. I’m not into number game anymore and only wants to try something unique in every album”, said Rahman.