AR Reihana on how Bollywood ignored Rahman!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Mon, Jul 27th, 2020, 10:44:50hrs
AR Reihana

In a recent interview, AR Reihana, sister of Rahman and mother GV Prakash Kumar has opened up on how Bollywood's influential gang team up and ignore the Academy Award-winning composer.

"Ram Gopal Varma introduced Rahman in Bollywood but later many asked various Hindi filmmakers to ignore Rahman. Only directors who believe in themselves and have strong leadership skills don't listen to the industry folks in Bollywood. When Subash Ghai approached my brother, many Bollywood producers asked him to not encourage Rahman saying that there are many composers in Hindi. But Subash Ghai asked them to show a talented composer on par with Rahman and didn't change his decision. Later, they started spreading rumors that Rahman only compose music for Hollywood films and made sure that he doesn't get good films in Hindi".

Reihana said that since Rahman and a few others don't come under the usual norms of Bollywood, they join together to take away his opportunities of outsiders.