Aramm review: A brilliant film that inspires you to wake up and react

It is compelling, moving and quite unlike anything else, you’re likely to watch this year

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 16 November 2017

Movie Title

Aramm review: A brilliant film that inspires you to wake up and react


Gopi Nainar

Star Cast

Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj,Sunu Lakshmi

Aramm, a socio-political drama produced by KJR Studios is definitely one of the best films of this year.  Director Gopi Nainar is familiar with his milieu and understands his characters and their motivations intricately.

It is compelling, moving and quite unlike anything else, you’re likely to watch this year. The film dwells on relevant issues of today which are weaved intrinsically into the film’s plot. The jokes are not forced, the emotions are not cheated

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The film at 120 minutes has a docu-feel about it but it is the presentation and emotional quotient that keeps you rooting for its characters and their mission. In spite of having one of the biggest star Nayanthara on board there are no cinematic liberties or compromises here.

No introduction, songs or punchlines for Nayan who plays the role of Madhivadhani IAS who is the head strong district collector with a heart. Nayan is aided by a terrific supporting cast that doesn’t miss a beat. Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi, Ramesh, Vignesh, Vela Ramamurthy and every single one of them is in superb form.

Nayanthara turns in a career-best performance and watch her in that scene in the climax when she breaks down when her job is accomplished against all odds— that is when you want to call her an an actor more than a star.

Aramm is one of technically brilliant  film in this genre.  Music director Ghibran's score  complements the narrative perfectly, enthusing life and spirit into the scenes. The BGM is refreshingly wholesome and is one of the heroes in the film.

OM Prakash's camera is centred on the emotional journey of its characters and the rough and dry terrain of south Tamilnadu.  One can associate Peter Hein with stylish action choreography in big budget superstar films and may wonder what he had to do in a film like this? But watch out for the rescue operation that is imaginatively executed by him.

Today, when slapstick comedies, action entertainers and horror thrillers are the safest bets for film makers, Aramm touches your heart. It is a simple story of life in a village, a bittersweet tale of human frailties. Watch it for the honesty and truths about the sad state of affairs in your nation.

A film that inspires you to wake up and react. To raise your voice, or to put your foot down. It is a magnificent effort, one that deserves to be applauded for its honesty and message it conveys.

Aramm review: Verdict- Brilliant 

Reactions from Social Media:
Muthu Kumar‏ @SMKSwamy:
Films like #Aramm are the need of the hour. It takes genuine sincerity to make a movie on neglected communities and incidents that are overlooked. Take a bow, #GobiNayinar ! Hats off to the lady superstar #Nayanthara for her stellar performance. Irreplaceable as Madhivadhani!

Vinoth Cj‏ @vinothcj:
#Aramm is a raw content delivered as it is without any commercial element. Perfectly written. Book your tickets for this weekend.

Sivakumar‏ @SivaTweeting:
Attention so called Directors! Heard #Aramm Takes a lesson on how to make movies with social issue at its core..raw and hard hitting..Director Gopi Ji worked hard for a real social message rather than copying old films and making commercial compromises..Excellent!

Abishek S‏ @cinemapayyan:
The kind of suffocation that gets pushed down the throat when gulping reality was life threatening! #Aramm gives a whole new high

Ammu Nair‏ @itzmeprabha:
Watched #Aramm Must say its must watch movie. Jaw dropping intensity throughout the film. Goosebumps dialogues. Thalaivi is exceptional. Only actress who has guts to portray socio political drama with ease. Don't miss!! #ArammFromToday

Balaji Duraisamy‏ @balajidtweets:
#Mathivathani will rule the box-office. No doubt in it. It’s outstanding movie according to me! Best wishes to #Aramm team for the grand release @GhibranOfficial

Sidhu‏ @sidhuwrites:
#Aramm: Outstanding. Intense incident-based drama that keeps you pinned. Minjur Gopi, along with Nayanthara, delivers one of the best films of the year. I'm sold!

Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess:
#Aramm - Entire film revolves around a single incident which happens in a village (based on true events). Gud perf from Nayan & all supporting actors. Dialogues & music adds strength. Lip sync issues r thr. Felt little lag.No deviation from main plot. A well made social drama!

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