Arima Nambi

Arima Nambi



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 04 July 2014

Movie Title

Arima Nambi


Anand Shankar

Star Cast

Vikram Prabhu, Priya Anand, JD Chakravarthy

Debutant director Anand Shankar, a former assistant of AR Murgadoss in his debut film Arima Nambi shows promise. The film packaged as an action romantic thriller has Vikram Prabhu and Priya Anand in the lead, with some top-notch camerawork by RD Rajasekhar.

Arima Nambi has very racy first half but loses steam in the second half. In fact the first half an hour is taut and racy, but wafer thin storyline, predictable scenes, songs and a long drawn out climax acts as speed breakers.

Film begins with Arjun (Vikram Prabhu) a high end car salesman, celebrating with his friends at the upmarket Hard Rock Caf?. There he sees Anamika (Priya Anand), who is having a nice time with her friends. For Arjun who rates her 10/10, it is love at first sight and they become friends the same day! Next day he goes out with her for dinner and end up at her posh apartment drunk. Suddenly, Anamika is kidnapped by two thugs from her apartment, and Arjun runs to the cops.

Vikram Prabhu has come off age as an action hero and has improved in his dance movements and the action sequences he does especially the chase atop the building is terrific. Priya Anand fits the girl in distress role perfectly and is the pivot around which the film revolves. JD Chakravarthy as the villain has got a deadly introduction scene, but in the second half his character is reduced to a caricature. Which ?powerful? central minister will sit in police commissioner?s office and try to manipulate the hunt against the hero? In another scene the central minister can make servers crash and stop internet in the state!

Nothing much to drum about Sivamani?s music except for the rock style first song ?Yaaro Yaar Aval...?. One of the highlights of the film is RD Rajasekhar?s camera work, especially the night effects, the chase on OMR and song picturisation.

The trouble with Anand Shankar?s script is that there are too many loose ends, which have not been tied properly. The narrative starts concentrating only on giving hero Arjun a larger-than-life image with scan respect to logic or intelligence. Wished editor Bhuvan Srinivasan had trimmed the film (running time 2 hours 30 minutes) by 15 minutes, especially the long drawn out chase and cat and mouse game played by the hero with the villain in the climax.

However, Arima Nambi is a decent attempt by a group of youngsters to make a fairly decent thriller.

Verdict ? Gripping

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