Arrambam- A satisfying thrill ride

Arrambam- A satisfying thrill ride



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 03 November 2013

Movie Title

Arrambam- A satisfying thrill ride



Star Cast

Ajith, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee

First things first- Arrambam lives up to the expectations and is a satisfying thrill ride for its variety in providing no-holds barred entertainment. Ajith? terrific screen presence and powerful dialogue delivery, smart writing, charismatic cast and action which is fast-paced are smartly packaged by director Vishnuvardhan.

For years, Tamil movies have drilled the same conservative plot of the corrupt politicians and police nexus and a hero who rises up to take revenge and clean up the system. Vishnuvardhan?s Arrambam follows the same template, in his own style of film making and it works. Like an expert tailor he has woven his revenge drama to suit Ajith?s larger-than-life image.

The story is set in Tamil cinema?s current favourite milieu, Mumbai. AK alias Ashok (Ajith) a former bomb disposal specialist and a Dirty Harry type who shoots-the-scums of earth is on a revenge romp. Along with his lady love Maya (Nayanthara), he forcibly ropes in a computer hacker Arjun (Arya) and his lover Anita (Taapsee) into his nefarious plans. How they take revenge on the Home Minister (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his acolytes ( Atul Kulkarni) forms the rest of the story.

Vishnuvardhan and his writers Subha have worked out a decent screenplay which keeps the audiences hooked. And editor Sreekar Prasad?s has made it fast paced. Technically it is a well-made film with stylish camera work of Om Prakash and some superbly choreographed action scenes. The Ajith-Rana combo attacking the terrorist hide out scene is one of the highlights of the film along with mass action scenes in Dubai.

On the downside, the film's plot is predictable and none of the songs tuned by Yuvan Shankar Raja is hummable nor stays in your mind. But these are small nitpickings in an otherwise engaging action thriller that's well mounted, and delivers enough for your money.

The acting is top notch from everyone involved. Ajith himself gives a low-key, well-nuanced performance as Ashok, the conscience of this film; Arya is superb as the happy-go-lucky Arjun and his comedy scene in college with Nayan is a rocker. The pairing of opposites Ajith and Arya and the casting of the other characters, Nayanthara, Mahesh Manjrekar, Taapsee is also spot on

Nayanthara is there throughout the film and she has some fine moments which she has scored big time. Her costumes, inimitable attitude and style makes us feel that no other actress could carry the role of Maya with dignity and elan. Taapsee is cute as Anitha, while Kishore as the straightforward cop on a mission is convincing. Mahesh Majrekar, Suman Ranganathan and Atul Kulkarni get a few moments to make an impression.

Arrambam is far from perfect, but as pulpy Kollywood action films go, it's very watchable and works to its strengths. It's worth a watch this Diwali; you won't be bored.

Verdict: Stylish Actioner

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