Aruvam review: A disappointing revenge drama

Aruvam review: A disappointing revenge drama

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Saturday 12 October 2019

Movie Title

Aruvam review: A disappointing revenge drama


Sai Sekhar

Star Cast

Siddharth, Catherine Tresa

The horror element has been done to death in Tamil cinema thanks to filmmakers who explored it both in the good and bad ways. In Aruvam, debutant director Sai Shekar makes very sloppy use of the template, making it just another film that bites the dust. The film has a few interesting ideas on paper but the outdated presentation and the uninspiring performance from the cast is disappointing.

Jothi (Catherine Tresa) is introduced to us as a primary school teacher who doesn’t have the sense of smell. She is inferior about her disorder and tries her best to help out the needy as her carelessness in childhood leads to her mother's death, which in turn changed her as a person. We also get introduced to Jagannathan (Siddharth), who falls hook line sinker for Jothi at first sight. Jagan proposes his love for Jothi on one side, while some murders take place in weird fashion in the city on the other. What happens when both these stories meet, forms the crux of Aruvam.

The main issue about the film is that director Sai Shekar is not clear about what he wants. Right from the start, we are left in a state of confusion on how the story is going, what is actually happening with the characters and how it is going to end. It is only in the second half when the flashback comes by that we understand the plot. The flashback is indeed the best part of the film with Siddharth being impressive, but even that can't save the film, which turns out to be a big bore thanks to the long-drawn-out climax.

It is really surprising as to how Siddharth picked this film. As an actor, he is good and does his part earnestly, but that doesn't save the film. Catherine Tresa is a misfit, as the role required an actress with good acting potential. The supporting characters are just ok.

Technically, Aruvam is strictly functional. On the whole, Sai Shekar debuts with a boring, haphazard film that doesn't work at all. 

Aruvam review:  Amateur attempt 

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