Aruvi review: A gripping socio-politico drama

Easily one of the best films of the year, it handles a relevant topic with an engaging screenplay.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 December 2017

Movie Title

Aruvi review: A gripping socio-politico drama


Arun Prabhu

Star Cast

Adithi Balan, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Shwetha Shekar, Anjali Varathan, Kavitha Bharathi

Debutant director Arun has given a solid socio-politico drama that stresses on the need of tenderness and love in today’s world. The topic is relevant and has scope for artistic registration but Arun has smartly written the screenplay to satisfy all kind of moviegoers.

Aruvi(Brilliant debutante Adithi Balan) is a normal college going girl from a middle-class family. Aruvi’s life goes well until she meets with an accident, which leads to many misfortunes in her life. Aruvi’s parents refuse to accept her, she decides to turn rebel but the society is not pure to treat her with love and affection. When Aruvi decides to teach an important lesson to the society, she comes to a reality show and unmasks the real face of media, three individuals who tried explore her lonely situation.

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Aruvi basically throws a lot of questions on the modern society, how materialist everyone’s life has become because of rich businessmen and how we tend to forget the basic essence of love and compassion. What is really impressive about Arun’s style of filmmaking is that he exactly knows where to whip, where to tickle, where to tug your heart and where to make you smile. At the end, we leave the movie hall with great satisfaction. For a debutant filmmaker, it’s an exemplary work from Arun Purushotham, who comes from Balu Mahendra’s school but he also has traces of Shankar, especially on questions raised against the flaws in the system.

But the film is not preachy, it does not complain about anyone or a section of people in the country. Once Aruvi’s mission is done inside the reality show, the film becomes a feel-good drama and makes us shed happy tears in the end. However, the long stretch of the reality show could’ve been cut crispier, the host seems to be victimized for the sake of providing comic relief.

Adithi Balan is easily the best find of the year, she is not you regular heroine but a powerhouse of talent. There are a couple of lengthy monologues for the actress in the film, which is an impossible task even for decade-old so-called star actresses in Tamil cinema. Anjali Varathan, the transgender actress is another promising find.

Cinematographer Shelley Calis’s frames lively capture the emotions and we feel like traveling along with the characters. Songs and background score of Ved Shankar and Bindhu Malani are only used to narrate the story.

To conclude, Aruvi is easily one of the best films of this year, it handles a relevant topic with an engaging screenplay.

Verdict: A gripping socio-politico drama

Reactions from Social Media:
Sangeetha Kandavel‏ @sang1983
She is honest, bold, shy, crazy, risk taker, loving, stressed out, someone who doesn't wanna give up.....#Aruvi

Actor Karthi @Karthi_Offl
Touted to be one of the best narrations. #Aruvi started four years back. It was a bold decision filled with passion to make a good film. May this film be a huge success. @DreamWarriorpic

Pushkar&Gayatri‏ @PushkarGayatri
#Aruvi is a fascinating, deeply moving film!! Director Arun @thambiprabu89 brings a depth and soul to the film far beyond his years. He truly has empathy towards every character he has created. A bold new voice in Tamil Cinema!!! Damn proud of you!!

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#Aruvi - 4.25 /5..Let's give a warm welcome to debut director @thambiprabu89. The man will shock you, offer lot of satirical fun entertainment & tug at your heartstrings. @DreamWarriorpic deserves to be applauded for supporting this brave & bold filmmaker without any compromises!

Harish kalyan @iamharishkalyan
#Aruvi One of the best films of this year..! Hats off to the whole team @DreamWarriorpic @prabhu_sr Especially the director, @AditiBalan Great performance #hardhitting

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#Aruvi - What I really loved about @thambiprabu89 's filmmaking style is he exactly knows where to whip, where to tickle, where to tug your heart and where to make you smile. At the end, you would leave the movie hall with a great satisfaction . Exemplary work

Suganth‏ @msuganth
We often tend to overlook the producer's role in a film, but #Aruvi shows how invaluable they are. The film wouldn't have been made without a producer believing in it. #Maanagaram, #Theeran & now this - all in the same year! To me, @prabhu_sr is the Kollywood Person of the Year.

Pushkar&Gayatri‏ @PushkarGayatri
@AditiBalan IS #Aruvi .Her acting is not about expressions or body language. It comes straight from her heart. What a find! A complex potrayal that is strong yet vulnerable.

Arivazhagan‏ @dirarivazhagan
#Aruvi - @thambiprabu89 succeeds with more sarcastic fun elements in an emotional bold story that makes it universally enjoyable. @AditiBalan steals with layers & all characters too well written Applauds 2 @prabhu_sr sir for his parallel view of Cinema #RollingSir

Ashameera Aiyappan‏ @aashameera
#Aruvi is a rollercoaster that took me through so much, that it's tough to find one thing to applaud. Thank you for this movie @thambiprabu89 and @prabhu_sr.

Keerthi Pandian‏ @ikeerthipandian
Watched this film!
A much-needed change in our industry.
Kudos to the director and team. #AdithiBalan killed it
It’s a Slap in the face for most audiences and makers for having appreciated and made crap for many years now.
Just DO NOT miss this!

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