Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 02 August 2014

Movie Title



D Rajendra Babu

Star Cast

Shivarajkumar, Ramya, Raghu Mukherjee

The most expected movie of the year Aryan has finally hit the screens! ?Aryan?, which was supposed to release on Jul 18, because of censor certification issues, the release was postponed. Aryan also takes the credit of becoming the first movie to announce the release date even before receiving the censor certificate, though the movie had to go through lot of glitches, from the date it was announced. After few days of shooting, director D Rajendra Babu passed away and the movie came to a halt. Later Chi Gurudutt, well-known actor and friend of Shivarajkumar, completed the pending portions. So the biggest question one can ask here is, how different it would be if Rajendra Singh Babu had directed it. You can figure it out after watching the movie!

As seen in the trailer, the movie is about a coach, an athlete and issues faced by the athletes. Aryan (Shivarajkumar) joins a sports institute in Singapore as a coach. He recollects his journey and bam! Flashback begins. Aryan has a busy life. He trains athletes and is considered one of the best coaches in the circuit. He meets Shwetha (Ramya), a beautiful, talented and one of the best athletes. Aryan trains her and she becomes his favorite athlete. Love blossoms between the duo, foreign locations, and exotic songs and back to track again! When all is well between them, Shwetha gets involved in a doping scandal and is banned from athletics for 2 years. Disturbed by this, differences grow between them as she blames him for the scandal and breaks up with him.

Aryan recovers from his flashback and starts his coaching in Singapore. Meanwhile he finds Shwetha in Singapore and to his surprise Shwetha is now married to his boss (Raghu Mukherjee).

Storyline enters a new stage after this. Aryan tries every possible way to explain Shwetha about the scandal. Will Aryan manage to reveal the truth about the doping scandal and bring Shwetha back to athletics? Will Shwetha forgive Aryan? You have to watch the movie for this! One of the major drawbacks of the film includes the lack of chemistry between Shivarajkumar and Ramya. They do not look good together be it practicing the sport or romancing in foreign locations! Music fails to impress the audience even as Kannada Mannidu sung by Puneeth too does not impress the audience.

But Shivarajkumar and Ramya both look great. The much talked crowd simulation too looks poorly done. The comedy in the movie is as plain as the waters and the sports drama does not stand up to the expectation of audiences. It is just a one-time watch, if you have nothing really to do in the weekend!

VERDICT: Watchable

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