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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 18 February 2006

Movie Title



Anil Krishna

Star Cast

Kalyan Ram, Diya, Ravi Kale, Vinayagan, Charan Raj

First and foremost Asadhyudu is nowhere near Kalyan Ram?s Anthanokkade! New director Anil Krishna has made a film in the same revenge drama genre by adding a little more masala items which dilute the concept.

There are many striking similarities to a few recent Telugu action revenge stories. The trouble is that there is nothing new in the presentation and no major twist in the climax that grips the viewer. However, what saves the film is Kalyan Ram who has improved vastly in dialogue delivery and dance movements for a mass hero.

Pardhu (Kalyan) is a nice guy studying in a college. He fights injustice around him in a firm manner. Two goons Prakash (Ravi Kale) and his brother Tambi (Vinayagam) rule the place and their writ runs, before Pardhu kills Tambi. This starts a kind of war between Prakash and Pardhu, played more in the mind. Pardhu falls in love with a girl (Diya) whose father Raghunath (Charan Raj) is a kingmaker. Surprisingly Raghunath has no problems with Pardhu marrying his daughter, but soon our hero realizes that there is something going on behind him. The story moves to the revenge angle and then the final confrontation.

Vinayagam the Malayalam villain-comedian makes his debut and proves to be the scene stealer. Diya has a walk-in role and is there for the songs with the hero. Ravi Kale is menacing and is the best villain around. Among Chakri?s songs, the item number ?Aisa?? picturised on Rati is the pick of the lot. Action scenes of Vikram Dharma are well choreographed by cameraman Bhupathi.

Asadhyudu is worth a watch just for Kalyan Ram.

Verdict: Average

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