Asha Black

Asha Black



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 October 2014

Movie Title

Asha Black


John Robinson

Star Cast

Arjun Lal, Ishitha

Debutant director John Robinson?s Asha Black has been made with noble intentions. But the question here is whether that is all you need to make an engaging movie?

Rohit (Arjun Lal) is a musician, who meets a cute girl named Asha (Ishitha) on a chatting site. She is a young student, based in Malaysia. They become friends pretty soon and quite expectedly, fall in love. She is just 17 and Rohit plans to give her a surprise on her 18th birthday. He goes to Malaysia, but things never happen the way he would have liked.

The film talks about the woes of a young girl, who is devoid of her dad?s affection. What happens to her as a result of all is tragic.

Fair enough. The story has a message, which should reach all the parents. The film also makes some statements against the misuse of Internet and so on.

But the problem begins when we consider this one as a film. There are bold statements for sure, but sadly things are far from entertaining for the viewer. With clich?s and melodrama all over, the film looks at best like one of those dubbed films from Telugu.

Arjun Lal, who shot into fame as Mohanlal?s son in ?Thanmathra?, makes a decent impression as the young hero. The youngster looks good and has done his role quite seriously. The rest of the cast, including Sarath Kumar, Devan and Manoj K Jayan, is okay.

Asha Black may give you some emotional moments that could affect you as a human being. If that is all what you need at the cinemas, go for this one. Now, it?s your take!

Verdict: Average

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