Asha Saini claims innocence

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 28, 2008 06:33 hrs

Actress Asha Saini, who got blemished in the visa scam, repeatedly claimed that she was innocent, but had to spend ten days in jail, for no fault of her’s. She spoke to the media in Hyderabad: "I come from a very decent family. I am totally shaken after seeing the reports in the media. We all know pen is considered mightier than sword. As such, it is the utmost duty of the media to consider its sharpness before executing their duties"

She deplored. "My one and only mistake in life is to believe Venkat Reddy. Just because he said he was the personal assistant to veteran actor Mohan Babu, I believed his words. I had not taken any money from Srilatha. Anyone can enquire about my character in the industry."

Another accused in the scam, Srilatha, however, said that apart from herself, Venkat Reddy was also innocent. Meanwhile, AP Human rights association Chairman Vasanthakumar Gowd said that the case would be pursued with a human face. He maintained that while letting several biggies scot-free and nailing down one woman is not just.

He said about 300 persons in the Indian film industry are said to be involved in this visa scam. "Very soon, we are going to reveal the details with us," he said. Earlier, the actress said the same thing at a media meet in Chennai.