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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 14 July 2006

Movie Title



Surender Reddy

Star Cast

NTR, Sameera Reddy, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj, Venumadhav

The good news is that in comparison to NTR?s previous films, Surender Reddy?s Ashok is slightly better for its racy first half. The major problem with the film is that there is no newness in story as the director has given more importance to the look of the film which is technically savvy.

The story has been recycled in hundreds of films in the past in all languages. There are no major twists in the plot and the second half drags and is totally predictable. Ashok (NTR) is a tough nut bike mechanic who is a street fighter who has fallen out with his dad (Prakash Raj) a bureaucrat and disciplinarian who does not like his son?s wayward ways. Of course, Ashok is a family man who dotes on his sister, mother and loves his friends (Rajiv Kanakala) but can?t stand injustice.

He rubs the local goon KK (Sonu Sood) the wrong way and his politician mom (Vadivukarasi) the wrong way. KK is also after his girl Anjali (Sameera Reddy) who is a witness to one of the murders that he had committed and wants to marry her! Enough reasons for our hero to turn onto a one-man-army or ?terminator? and gun for the baddies!

One wonders what the censors were doing while reviewing this film? It is a blood and gore festival- a small girl being shot dead by KK just for the heck of it, a villain?s head being chopped off and it flies in the air, a small boy being brutally beaten up by the villains in the climax, villain licking the face of a young girl (straight lift from Face Off) there are so many violent scenes which will make your stomach churn.

Those going to watch this film should go into the theatres with an important caveat in mind: Not for the sensitive or sensible. Director Surender Reddy thinks he is Quentin Tarantino! He employs cut and fast flashbacks style using a super 35 camera to get fights done up in close-up?s a brownish tint inserts, numerous hand-held shots and hallucinogenic effects. But where is the story and screenplay Reddy garu?

There is nothing wrong with cogging an idea as long as it is nourished and executed with panache in an Indian content. But Surender Reddy wears his western influence on his sleeve. Still the plus points in the film are the car chase and the action scenes prior to interval which has been well taken by cameraman Senthil Kumar. Two of the songs by Mani Sharma are peppy especially the ?Gola Gola?? number. NTR looks bloated but dances like a dream.

On the whole Ashok lacks mass elements like comedy, and the romance between the lead pair leaves you cold. The uneven film is tolerable to a certain extent due to NTR and his superman act.

Verdict: Average

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