Asin - The cool chameleon!

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 02, 2011 04:26 hrs

Asin celebrated her birthday on October 26 in Mumbai, where she is settled now. 

Her last film in south was Vijay’s Kaavalan after which she has not got any offers. Though Asin has done just three films in four years in Bollywood, she is still hot.

The actress manipulates media coverage in such a way that she has a different image in different places in the country! Asin has been so successful in projecting her carefully cultivated image to suit her fan base for each region.

She believes in living life on her own terms and makes her own rules. For the last 10 years she is quoted as saying that she never parties, be with family when she gets free time, for south Indian media. But up North she throws wide hints that Dhoni visited her at home, she is close to Salman Khan’s family, gets along with his sister like a house-on- fire, loves reading, parties only with close friends, blah-blah..

The latest joke is that her birthday gift varied in Delhi and Chennai edition in the entertainment supplement of a leading newspaper! Asin has always been a chameleon when it comes to her image, a marketing genius who knows exactly what to say and when to say.

In the Delhi edition, Asin celebrated her birthday on Diwali day at home with close friends and family. Of all the gifts she got that day, the most treasured one was the gold jewellery gifted to her by mommy dearest.  She worked out the North Indian Diwali sentiments very well, where traditional jewellery is gifted by mothers to daughters.

However for the Chennai edition of the same paper, Asin is quoted as saying that she gifted herself a six-bedroom apartment in Kochi’s upmarket Marine Drive!

It goes well with her “Nice Girl” image in Kerala as she concludes her interview by saying that she wants to spend more time in Kochi and to take her industry friends to her new apartment which has a breath-taking view. And she does not forget to give a pat to the
State tourism industry by reiterating the most popular ad copy:

“Kerala is certainly God’s own country.”

Meanwhile for her innumerable Tamil fans, she gives hope of doing a film with the Superstar. Asin reaches out to her mass Kollywood audiences by saying: “ I regret missing out on a film with Rajini sir. He is one of the legends of our cinema industry. I hope I can be in a film with him someday.”