Asuraguru review: Half baked action thriller


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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Saturday 14 March 2020

Movie Title

Asuraguru review: Half baked action thriller



Star Cast

Vikram Prabhu, Mahima, Subbaraju

Debutant director Rajdeep's Asuraguru is a wishy-washy heist thriller without a coherent screenplay and solid characterization. The backstory behind Vikram Prabhu's motive to become a professional smuggler also lacks conviction.

Shakti (Vikram Prabhu) is a courier delivery boy for the outside world but he continues to rob money from banks, money launderers, smugglers, and even RBI's freshly printed currencies from a moving train. The train heist becomes the hot news in media houses and a special officer Manickavasagam (Subbaraju) gets appointed to investigate the case.  

Meanwhile Shakti also loots money from a smuggler Jamuldeen's (Nagineedu) son. Instead of approaching cops, Jamuldeen approaches a private investigation agency and a smart detective Diya(Mahima Nambiar) takes charge of the case. The rest of the film is all about whether Manickavasagam and Diya nab Shakti or not. Also, the flashback tells us why Shakti is obsessed about money although he doesn't spend it for himself.

The writing is not up to the mark and editor seems to have chopped off a lot of unwanted scenes to give a racy feel but in the process, the film loses its flow. Vikram Prabhu as usual impresses us in action scenes and Mahima also looks good as the private detective.

The film also suffers from lip sync issues as the lines have been modified during the dubbing process. Technically, the film looks inferior in cinematography, music, and editing departments.

Overall, Asuraguru is a below average heist thriller. Following the two decently made films Vaanam Kottattum and Thuppakki Munai, Vikram Prabhu was wasted in yet another half baked film.

Asuraguru review:  Half baked action thriller

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