Asuravadham review-An intelligent revenge thriller

A socially relevant action thriller, which is smartly packaged with good thrills

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 29 June 2018

Movie Title

Asuravadham review-An intelligent revenge thriller



Star Cast

Sasikumar, Vasumithra, Nandita Swetha

Director Marudhapandian's sophomore film Asuravadham is a socially relevant action thriller, which is smartly packaged with good thrills. Film making is not just about having an unique story and dialogues, as the execution matters a lot. For a Tamil revenge action thriller, Asuravadham has set a new standard.

One fine day, Samayan(Vasumithra) a provison shop owner and a local thug gets a lot of missed calls that he loses patience. Finally, the stranger(Sasikumar) talks over the phone and tells Samayan that the nightmare will continue for another one week only to end his life. In the next seven days, the stranger follows Samayan and pressurize him to plead for his life but why?

We have seen thousands of revenge thrillers in Tamil cinema but Asuravadham stands unique, in terms of its treatment and execution. Throughout the film, Sasikumar's silence speaks louder than his words (for an actor who speak pages of dialogues in his films, this is a giant leap), he scores with his expressions, his thirst for vengeance and his fearless eyes are well justified with a backstory. Any more detailing on the plot would affect the movie watching experience! Nanditha Swetha hardly has a role, and Vasumithra as villain is top class.

Govind Vasanth is a welcome new addition to Tamil cinema, as his background score elevates each and every sequence because the dialogues are very minimal here. Dhilip Subbarayan has choreographed realistic stunt sequences to convey the pain of the protagonist. Yes, there is blood shed but the plot and screenplay completely justifies it. We have seen SR Kathir's camera travel along with the characters in Subramaniapuram, he has once again repeated the magic in Asuravadham.

Kathir's long shot in the climax is a masterclass stuff, as his camera effortlessly run behind the characters in chase sequences.

Overall, Asuravadham is an intelligent revenge thriller with hard hitting moments and is a must watch!

Asuravadham review - Verdict : An intelligent revenge thriller

Reactions from Social Media:
Sreedhar Pillai @sri50

#Asuravadham - Looks racy and is real edge of seat thriller, taut and terrific build up to the final revelation. Message subtly told by #Maruthupandian. @SasikumarDir is at his best with minimal dialogues. Camerawork by #Kathir is fab.

Sidhu @sidhuwrites
#Asuravadham: Rage and rampage. Comes off as one of the best revenge thrillers in Tamil cinema, with a different approach and a social message presented in the right fashion. Hard-hitting, though exceedingly violent.

vb @vbzu
#Asuravadham : One of the best revenge thriller! @govind_menon’s BGM, @srkathiir’s camera @SasikumarDir Edge of seat thriller!! Action sequence in the lodge is fantastic! Do watch it!

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#Asuravadham - Brilliant first half, a slow burn mystery thriller. A different make over for @SasikumarDir with minimal dialogues. Govind Vasanth 's pulsating BGM is a big plus, welcome addition to Tamil cinema

VipeR @rxgxl
#ASURAVADHAM Superb thriller Not an usual revenge story @SasikumarDir @Nanditasweta and BGM are the big postives Do watch it

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#Asuravadham 1st half - Mean @SasikumarDir marks his man & goes about terrorizing him. It's all about hunting the prey and instilling fear. Waiting to see his back story and his motives!

Superb presentation by Dop @srkathiir for the night scenes and power packed BGM by Govind.

TamiltvchannelExpress @TamilTvChanExp
#Asuravadham 2nd half - Has a disturbing flashback in the protagonist's family, which is the basis of his revenge motive. The climax is of course the 'vadham' of the villain. Emotional closure!

For fans of raw action thrillers & a mature audience. @SasikumarDir @Nanditasweta

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