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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Movie Title



A K Sajan

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Samvritha Sunil

In 2002, Prithviraj played a dreaded criminal named Saathaan in writer-director A K Sajan?s Stop Violence, which was one of the first major hits for the hero.

Sajan is trying to emulate the same now, in a sequel titled Asuravithu with Asif Ali as the hero. But as it turns out, Asif lacks the screen presence and the prowess of Prithviraj and it is evident that the actor has decided to bite off more than what he can chew!

Don Bosco (Asif) is the son of Saathaan and he is left at the gate of an orphanage by his mother Angel (Lena). After some years, he is studying in a Christian seminary to become a priest but certain incidents ignite the fire within him and soon after he becomes a dreaded don!

Samvritha plays Marty, a bubbly girl who owns a boat and is an expert in drawing illustrations of culprits from the descriptions of eye witnesses. The main portions in the first half happen inside a seminary where the priests are being played on screen by comedians like Harisree Asokan and Monilal and by villains like Baburaj and Kalasala Babu. The priests are shown as comical and silly, while most of the cops are shown as mere criminals.

Asif is provoked by the gang members of Abba (Vijayaraghavan) into the world of crime and in a flash the young man becomes a don. Asif barely opens his mouth during the entire length of the cinema and whenever he says something, it looks thoroughly unconvincing, especially with his deadpan expressions and poor dialogue delivery.

The director tries to give some style to the film with cheap gimmicks, but that falls flat as well. Imagine the old fashioned techniques like the villains wearing ridiculous wigs, silly garments, foolish expressions and even using drugs more frequently than they have food. Once Don Bosco becomes an underworld Don, he has a gang of well dressed youngsters, including two funny looking girls in uniform guarding him. And of course, swanky cars, tons of cash and some designer bungalows as well.

Though Sajan & Co. tries to present the film and its hero in a thrilling avatar, it ends up as a joke. The visuals by Vishnu Narayan and the music by Alphonse and Rajesh Mohan are okay.

Samvritha Sunil looks good, but she has nothing much to do, especially in the second half. Baburaj tries to do his Salt N? Pepper act once again, but his dialogues are cheap and meant perhaps for the ?so-called? frontbenchers. The youngsters who are mostly playing with guns and knives, kills and gets killed after some time and not even the cops seem to care.

Asuravithu is unintentionally funny and Asif disappoints big time. It is a pity, as there is a promising storyline here but Sajan hasn?t taken care to develop that into a genuine script or to narrate it well. So let the goons fight it out and better, stay away from this one!

Verdict: Avoidable

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