Athade Oka Sainyam

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 27 January 2004

Movie Title

Athade Oka Sainyam


SV Krishna Reddy

Star Cast

Jagapati Babu, Neha, Prakash Raj, Suman,

S.V Krishna Reddy, the director who specialises in comedy and family drama should stick to his genre instead of doing action movies. Reddy makes a mess with Atade Oka Sainyam which should have been tried out with a mass hero rather than Jagapathy Babu. It looks like every Telugu hero wants to become an action hero these days.

Prakash Rao (Prakash Raj) is the owner of a private bank, which has deposits worth hundreds of crores taken from the public. But one fine day he announces that the bank has gone bankrupt due to the financial mismanagement of the general manager (Suman). Prakash Rao kills that general manager and establishes to the public that he committed suicide, as he was guilty!

Chanti (Jagapati Babu), brother of general manager who is in Germany comes to know about his brother?s death and returns to his hometown. Chanti?s only mission is to seek revenge for his brother's death and the family's upheaval. He is the one man army! Atade Oka Sainyam!

He ropes in a mimicry artiste who can imitate voices, a magician for the disappearing act, a software hacker to crack a password and loads of grit. He becomes successful in taking back the money from the baddies and distributing it to the depositors and finally makes Prakash Rao confess about his misdeeds.

Jagapathy Babu is the life and blood of the movie with his usual tough-man with a soft-face act. With his spectacles and red thilak on forehead he looks trim and menacing. Neha is ok and Siva Reddy, Ali, Brahmanandam and M.S Narayana are there for comedy. The film has been inspired from Chanakyan, an old Kamalhassan flick in Malayalam.

Verdict: Below Average

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