Attharintiki Daaredi

Attharintiki Daaredi

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 27 September 2013

Movie Title

Attharintiki Daaredi



Star Cast

Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Praneetha, Nadiya, Boman Irani, Mukesh Rishi, Ali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishnamurali, and others

The film starts with a wealthy business magnet Raghunandan (Boman Irani) finding out that someone is buying shares of his company in fraudulent manner and hatching a plan to takeover the company.

Meanwhile, Raghunandan who is based in Italy asks his grandson Gautham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan) to bring his daughter from India, who left the family when Raghunandan didn`t accept her love marriage. His daughter Sunanda (Nadiya) is living with her husband (Rao Ramesh) and two daughters Sasi (Samantha) and Prameela (Praneetha) and she is going through a financial crisis.

How would Gautham Nanda enter into Sunanda`s house and bring her?

First things first. Attharintiki Daaredhi is an out and out hilarious entertainer. Perhaps, director Trivikram has intended to offer an unbridled entertainer in the guise of a family drama. Yes, there is a message. There is family drama. But he has wrapped up all with high dose of comedy.

Added to that Pawan Kalyan takes charge, and charges up the screen with his no-holds-barred comedy. His famous histrionics are all there in a more dramatic way. He seems to have enjoyed doing this film which is quite visible in many sequences.

The film`s message is simple: Everyone gets two options in life to select - right one and wrong one. Selecting right path is all important. This message comes only in the last 15 minutes of the movie. And entire second half goes with nonstop entertainment.

There is one lengthy episode post interval where Pawan Kalyan and Brahmanandam act Ahalya and Indra episode which is silly but hilarious. First half of the movie runs on a template and takes all its time to establish the story (which is flimsy though). The movie takes momentum with `Ninnu Choodagane` song and ends in superb way. Post interval there are many scenes that standout. And Trivikram`s punch dialogues (some are too good, some are routine rhyming sentences) keep coming to provide gags.

Devi Sri Prasad`s music, first class cinematography, Trivikram`s able handling, and Pawan Kalyan`s show make the movie enjoyable. On the downside, the film has wafer-thin story. The story is the reverse of Nuvvu Naaku Nachchavu and director Bhaskar`s Parugu. The script has many, many flaws too.

It is Pawan Kalyan`s show all the way. He is in his elements. Changing modulation, body language for better impact of comedy, going hyper when necessary, being restraint in emotional scenes... he got it right here. He enlivens the proceedings with cool presence in dull sequences too. His performance in emotional scene in the penultimate sequence shows the maturity that he has attained in acting.

This easily ranks one of his best performances in his career. And of course, he looks handsome. And his comic timing is excellent. Especially his scenes with Brahmi have to be seen to be believed.

Samantha has not much to do in the film except playing typical Ms. Charming girl. She carries the same cherubic look that she has done in most of the movies. But like always, she shares good chemistry with her lead actor. Praneetha is okay as second lead. She also has one song - `Bapu Gari Bommo` - shot on her.

After Pawan Kalyan, Nadiya gets more footage since the story revolves around her and the beautiful senior actress is apt for the role. Bollywood`s well-known actor Boman Irani who debuts in Tollywood in this film is effective in brief role as Pawan Kalyan`s rich grandfather. Mukesh Rishi is very dignified. Brahmanandam entertains in the second half. His episode is forced but it works out so well. Ali does comedy in the first half. Among other actors, Kota, Ali, M S Narayana and Rao Ramesh get our attention.

On technical front, once again Devi Sri Prasad steals the show. Three songs are good and shot well but the picturisation of `Ninnu Choodagane` in particular was good.

Cinematographer Prasad Murrella`s work is top class. Visuals have gloss and has cool colours in tune with theme of the movie. Songs in the second half are shot well. Art director Ravinder`s Sunanda Nilayam house set is grand. Fights are simple. Editor Praveen Pudi seems to have been laughing out loud while editing and forgot to scissor some unnecessary scenes. The film is very lengthy (169 minutes) for a flimsy story line.

Writer and director Trivikram`s strength has always been arresting the audiences with emotional sequences apart from entertaining dialogues. In post interval scenes and climax sequences, we spot his mark. But in this film, he worked more on entertainment than emotional aspects.

As dialogue writer, he gives us some of best lines like - `Eppudu Taggalo Telisinode Goppodu`; `Ramudu Bridge Kattalanukunnadi Samudram Daggariki Vacchinappudu`, `Adavi Lo Kurchoni Plan Cheyyaledu`, etc.

As a director he has packaged the film with the right mix of entertainment, sentiment and elements that appease the hero`s fans. Trivikram has exploited Pawan Kalyan`s acting skills to the maximum.

If you are looking for sheer entertainment, know that Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram have gift packed for you with high dose of comedy. It is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Pawan Kalyan`s histrionics, his performances and Trivikram`s handling of the simple story in effective way is what makes Attharintiki Daaredhi a big entertainer. Go for it.

Rating: 4/5

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