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Sunday 03 August 2014

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Dileep, Lakshmi Menon

First things first. Joshiy?s Avatharam is not another ?Dileep style laugh riot? but is a thriller. Though the film is generally predictable, there are some fine moments in it.

Madhavan Mahadevan (Dileep) is a mechanical engineer, who hails from Bison Valley in Idukki. He is a gentle soul, who is willing to help anyone in need. He comes to Kochi, after the death of his elder brother, a customs officer.

It is during a visit to the Insurance company that he meets Manimekhala (Lakshmi Menon), who has just joined for work there. The sequences where the two meet for the first time are genuinely funny.

As he searches for more documents to get the claim, Madhavan realizes certain startling facts about the death of his brother. His fight to bring out the truth starts from then on.

Though Vyasan Edavanakkad?s script takes the formulaic pattern perhaps to woo the family crowds, director Joshiy has managed to come out with a decent entertainer. R D Rajasekhar?s visuals and Deepak Dev?s music are good.

Dileep treads through a different path this time, as he experiments with a genre in which he has come on screen very rarely. Though there are action in the film, the hero is mostly a mere spectator and uses his brain more than his physique to take on his rivals.

Lakshmi Menon, who has become a sensation in Tamil, returns to Malayalam with lots of confidence. Her character requires having a certain charm and the actor performs with remarkable ease.

The rest of the cast also has done their parts well.

Avatharam has not many scenes that have been created just to tickle your funny bone. Even then the film prompts you to think for sure. It also subtly conveys certain strong messages to the society. There may be flaws, but this one has its heart at the right place.

Verdict: Entertaining

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