Avinash Mukherjee: Never faced any problem in keeping myself motivated

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Mon, May 18th, 2020, 19:24:01hrs

Mumbai, May 18 (IANS) "Balika Vadhu" actor Avinash Mukherjee says it's a tough time, but he has never faced any problem in keeping himself motivated.

The ongoing lockdown days have been hard on everyone. But Avinash knows how to stay motivated.

"It's a tough time, but I have never faced any problem in keeping myself motivated. I maintain my own diary. I always have my targets in front of me on my phone, my laptop and try to do them on a daily basis. I have a vision board that I visit every two years. I have yearly goals too that I visit every year to see what I missed and what I achieved," he said.

The lockdown period has not changed his viewpoint of life, career and relationships.

"It has given me a lot of time to reflect and retrospect on my life in a different way. What concerns me the most are the migrant workers, daily wage earners, production workers, cab and auto drivers, shop owners and retailers. I am also trying to do my bit whatever I can," he said.

Avinash is not really into grooming himself these days and just follows basic regimes. "I don't do a lot of grooming and stuff. All I do is before I go to sleep, I just wash my face. In the morning, while having a shower I wash my face with face wash. At night, I just apply very mild moisture and a lip balm. I try to workout every alternate day," he said.

He already has plans for the post-lockdown period. "I want to go to the gym and also get a spa," he said.