Avoid Bolo Raam!

Avoid Bolo Raam!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 January 2010

Movie Title

Avoid Bolo Raam!


Rakesh Chaturvedi

Star Cast

Rishi Bhutani, Padmini Kolhapure, Disha Pandey, Naseeruddin Shah, Govind Namdeo, Om Puri

It starts right from the blood-red opening credits. The film?s propensity for gore that is. Ram (Rishi Bhutani), the protagonist to whom the film?s title is attributed, is prone to anger attacks. When not bashing people up (including a girl who tried flirting with him), he sings merry duets with his worried mother (Padmini Kolhapure deserves a better comeback). They are neighbours to a Sub-Inspector Khan?s family whose daughter is in love with Ram.

One day, the police find the mother dead and Ram holding a knife with a blood-splattered face (a vision the filmmakers show in great, loving detail). He is arrested and put behind bars, while he behaves like a psychopath telling everyone that his mother is sleeping.

Naturally, the film is confused ? is it a case of temper or of being mentally off. A doctor (Naseeruddin Shah) analyses that he may have committed the murder in a fit of temporary insanity. Gradually, we learn that it may not have been him at all.

Sub-Inspector Khan, Ram?s neighbour, is curiously hurrying the case to convict Ram and is against the routine questioning of his family members. Rajpal Yadav appears as another suspect. Then the dead lady?s `character? is questioned ? meaning whether this single mother was having an affair or not.

Whether he has committed the murder or not, Ram is not telling and the film rambles on. Slowly in this dull murder mystery, a jihadi angle is brought in. One that is offensive and irresponsible, much like Kurbaan in 2009.

The central cast is a let-down. Rishi Bhutani who plays Ram, appears without his shirt in several scenes, but one wishes he had worked as hard on his acting, as on his six-pack. It?s a complex role in any case, and we see the lead actor in a standard morose expression for most of the film.

His love interest played by Disha Pandey shows far more spunk though one would hardly commend her acting. Naseeruddin Shah, Govind Namdeo, Om Puri, and Padmini Kolhapure, senior actors of our industry, lend their roles credibility but one wonders what made them accept this film in the first place.

Director Rakesh Chaturvedi makes a film that?s a mishmash of a dull murder mystery with an unnecessary religious angle. Now what was the need to do that? You don?t want to drown your New Year?s spirit in this mishmash of a movie. Avoid.

Rating: ? star

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