Awara Pagal Deewana

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 21 June 2002

Movie Title

Awara Pagal Deewana


Vikram Bhatt

Star Cast

Sunil, Akshay Kumar, Aftab, Amrita, Preeti

By Ad-Lib

Feroz Nadiadwala?s APD is the desi take-off on The Whole Nine Yards. This thriller comedy is a fast paced action flick sure to keep the viewer glue through the continuous mish-mash of emotions and laughter galore.

Guru Gulab Khatri (Akshay Kumar) is the most wanted underworld don whose an estranged wife is Preeti (Preeti Jhangiani). His father-in-law is a mafia don (Om Puri) who dies leaving behind diamonds in a New York safe, that have to be equally distributed between his only son Vikrant (Rahul Dev), daughter and son-in-law. The diamonds are worth a hundred crores. To claim the diamonds from the bank, all three have to be present to personally sign the papers. In the event of death of any of the inheritor, a death certificate has to be produced to the bank. These diamonds make Vikrant and Guru rivals and one day, Vikrant wrongly implicates Guru Gulab in a very serious crime, which forces him to flee India. In America Guru Gulab lives in the neighborhood of Dr. Anmol Acharya (Aftab Shivdasani), a dentist who is a simpleton. He lives with his father-in-law (Paresh Rawal), and his greedy wife Mona (Amrita Arora) and her mother. Meanwhile in India, Vikrant announces a grand prize money to those whoever gives him the whereabouts of Guru. When Mona finds out about this, she forces her husband to go to India and meet Vikrant to inform him about Guru Gulab and collect the prize money. On reaching India, Anmol and his father-in-law meet Chota Chhatri (Johny Lever) who takes them to a local goon, Eaida Anna (Sunil Shetty). Chhatri and Anna work for Vikrant and they strike a deal with him to kill Guru and acquire the prize money offered by him. They return with Anmol to America to kill Guru, but Anna?s real interest lies in the diamonds. And to reach the diamonds becomes everyone?s aim. Meanwhile in India, Anmol falls in love with Preeti and in America Anna falls in love with Mona. Even Guru, who is already married finds his true love in Anmol?s secretary Aarti (Aarti Chhabria). In all this confusion, Guru finally reaches the diamonds in the end and distributes them between all those who have helped him to overcome Vikrant.

APD is a very complicated script but director Vikram Bhatt has handled the film well. Anu Malik?s music is okay and except for the title song, the rest of the songs are mediocre. The dialogues are clearly the winners in the films, and the comic sequences between Johny Lever and Paresh Rawal are hilarious. Of the performances, it is the character actors Johny Lever and Paresh Rawal who steal the show. Akshay Kumar has proved that he has definitely grown as an actor, giving an excellent performance and he even looks terrific. Both Sunil Shetty and Aftab too are very good but the three leading ladies have nothing much to do and are wasted. Rahul Dev is able but gets lost in this multi star cast. Overall,it is a complete Paisa Vasool and made to entertain the audience. APD is definitely worth a dekko, just for the outstanding action and comedy, which makes this film stand out amongst the rest.

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