Ayaal Jeevichirippundu review- A feel good entertainer

Ayaal Jeevichirippundu review- A feel good entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 March 2017

Movie Title

Ayaal Jeevichirippundu review- A feel good entertainer


Vyasan K P

Star Cast

Manikantan, Vijay Babu

In debutant director Vyasan K P’s Ayaal Jeevichirippundu, a Booker prize winning author strikes a rather unlikely but deep friendship with a commoner in Goa.

Jhon Mathew Mathan (Vijay Babu) has come to Panaji in Goa, as the guest of the Malayali Association there. He is a Malayali settled in Bengaluru now and his book ‘Village Voices’ has just won the coveted International prize. Jhon is a recluse and is irritated by the behavior of the organisers.

In one of the beaches nearby he meets Murugan (Manikantan), who has come from Kochi to Goa and is stranded in the alien land, as he doesn’t know any other language apart from Malayalam.

Jhon and Murugan become friends very soon. They decide to explore Goa, without letting anyone else know about their plans.

The story unveils essentially through the trips that the two start, their amazing camaraderie and the nonstop dialogues. Murugan can never keep his mouth shut and for Jhon, it’s an entirely new experience. He breaks free from his tough exterior that he has put on after going through a rather tense relationship with his wife.

There are no big twists, drama or thrilling sequences here. This one has its fine moments in between and there is a certain honesty in the narrative.

Hari Nair’s visuals and Ouseppachan’s music works well for the movie.

Manikantan is playing a character that is totally opposite to what he did in his launch pad, Kammatipaadam. His character here is that of an innocent villager, with a heart of gold. Vijay Babu comes up with a convincing performance as the celebrated author.

Ayaal Jeevichirippundu is a simple tale with not much complexities. It’s all about friendship and qualifies as a fine watch.

Ayaal Jeevichirippundu review- Verdict: Feel good

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