Ayogya review:This rape-revenge drama is loud, but briefly entertaining

Ayogya is a loud and violent film that works in parts

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Movie Title

Ayogya review:This rape-revenge drama is loud, but briefly entertaining


Venkat Mohan

Star Cast

Vishal, Raashi Khanna, Parthiepan, KS Ravikumar, Pooja Devariya

Vishal's Ayogya, a rape-revenge drama is a faithful remake of the Telugu hit ‘Temper’ with an efficient tweak in the climax, which will certainly work with the masses due to the ongoing sexual crimes happening in the country. Director Venkat Mohan has borrowed the essence of the climax of his guru Murugadoss’ Ramana and tried to give a solution to the heinous crimes against women.

The establishment of Karnan (Vishal) is quite long but effective. An orphan by birth, the little boy thinks that stealing is the easy way out in life but when a policeman nabs his own boss, our hero changes his decision and decides to become a cop to make money and attain power.

He follows all sorts of shortcuts to become a police inspector. Meanwhile, a gangster Kaaliirajan (Parthiepan) in Chennai wants a criminal cop who is currupt and  will listen to him. So the Minister uses his influence and transfers Karnan to Neelangarai. 

Karnan becomes Kaalirajan’s right-hand in crimes and in-return he gets a luxurious life with and plenty of money.But Karnan’s life turns meaningful when he meets Sindhu (Raashi Khanna), a pet lover who transforms him into an upright cop.

Sindhu demands a birthday gift from Karnan, and for that he has to save a girl named Sandhya (Pooja Devariya) who is in danger. Sandhya has been chased by Kaalirajan’s henchmen as she has a proof against Kaalirajan’s four brothers who raped and brutally killed her younger sister. Now Karnan becomes Kaali’s foe, the former decides to fight the battle and takes charge as an honest cop! 

The rest of the film is all about how Karnan punishes the four brothers of Kaalirajan for their henious crime.
Vishal tries to imitate Jr.NTR who played the lead role in the Temper and it’s quite evident in many scenes. But in the second half, we get to see the real Vishal and thanks to the emotionally elevating scene featuring KS Ravikumar, we get connected to the protagonist. 

The courtroom speech of Vishal is one of the major highlights of the film and he pulls it off in style. The solid performance of the two supporting actors —Parthiepan and KS Ravikumar is another biggest plus for the film. Raashi Khanna doesn’t have enough screen-space but Pooja Devariya gets more scenes to prove her talent.

Technically, VI Karthik’s visuals look grand on screen and Ruben has smartly packaged the film with the watchable runtime though the last song could have been avoided. But Sam CS’ songs are just okay and his background score is also just passable.

Overall, the film will work for the audiences who haven't seen the original. Even if you have watched ‘Temper’, the last twenty minutes of Ayogya will leave an impact on you.

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