Ayudha Porattam

Ayudha Porattam


By: Rinku Gupta

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 12 September 2011

Movie Title

Ayudha Porattam


Jai Akash

Star Cast

Jai Akash, Preeti Minal, Anita Reddy, Theepetti Ganesh

Jai Akash returns after a gap and is both acting in and directing this film, which deals with the issue of arms supply to the island nation of Sri Lanka. The basic premise of the story is interesting but the screenplay and characters are half-baked.

The story starts off with a bunch of employees who design weapons and work for the Field Weapon Factory, who are sent on a mission of team building to Sri Lanka, by their boss. The team consists of two girls and five boys who land up in the middle of a forest, at a guest house, after their bus breaks down.

To their surprise, no one is there to receive them and they have to literally fish in a pond for their food, and live on wild berries. In the meantime, a love track develops between one girl Bhumika, (Preethi Minal), who falls for our hero Jai (Jai Akash) while Rekha ( Anita Reddy), falls for another boy in the team.

Ganesh, (Theepetti Ganesh) is a midget who also loves Rekha, who however prefers the other boy. Both Jai and Ganesh, continually smoke ganja, which puts off Bhumika, till Jai decides to forsake the habit for his love. Much song and dance happens in the woods. In the midst of all this, strange men are following the team in the forest and end up killing all of them, except Bhumika and Jai.

When they are fleeing, they suddenly come face to face with their leader, ( Jai Akash in a double role) who is the exact replica of Jai himself. He wants to kill them because its their company which, by selling arms, has resulted in the killings of so many in the nation. Does Jai convince him and save their lives? One has to see the film to find out.

The film tries to be a suspense thriller with a powerful message. However, the screenplay is so loosely handled that the viewer loses interest very soon. The songs galore, in odd situations in the midst of thick suspense and tension, detract from the film. The extensive skin show of the two girls, who are dressed in minis, figure hugging dresses and low cut tops in the forest, even as they play war games for team building, is really questionable.

Why is Jai, an employee in a big corporate, smoking ganja all the time, while on company work? There is one scene where Rekha loses her mind due to the murder of her lover and Ganesh then attempts to play out Kamal?s character in Moondram Pirai for her to regain her memory, that too, with mayhem and attacks happening outside. He even tries to change her into nightclothes, albeit with his eyes closed, leading to more skin show.

The bunch of men sent to wreak revenge on the employees run helter skelter and the fight sequences look strung together at random. The fights could have been better handled while the music is just about adequate. Jai has attempted to dance, emote, fight and show his comical side. But the loose structure of the narration takes its toll on their viewer.

Verdict : Below Average

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