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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Movie Title



SS Rajamitran

Star Cast

Aadhi, Meera Nandan, Mahadevan, Ravi Kale,

Debutant director Rajamithran?s Ayyanar has all mass elements, but somehow it fails to sparkle. The trouble with the film is that the director does not have a grip over the narration as it rambles through and is confusing.

The story and narration is told in an uneven jerky manner. The film begins with the hero Prabha (Aadhi), burying his brother Saravanan (Vishnupriyan). In a flashback it is revealed that the siblings who were part of a joint family in Kumbakonam were always at each other?s throat. Saravanan the bread winner in the family used to taunt his elder brother as he was jobless.

It leads to a situation where Saravanan successfully through his machination evicts Prabha from the house. Meanwhile Prabha a volleyball coach falls in love with Meera (Meera Nandan) , but everything he does for his family lands him in more trouble and his intentions are misunderstood by others.

Suddenly the narrative changes and takes a U turn as Prabha becomes the henchman of a ruthless politican (Pitamagan Mahadevan), who is gunning for his rivals. Prabha becomes his one-man- army and goes on a killing spree, knocking of his supporters one by one before zeroing in on his boss. In the climax it is revealed that Prabha was on a revenge spree, for the murder of his close one!

The director loses control over the narration as it is disjointed; characters walk in and walk out or just disappear. Santhanam is there in the first 20 minutes before he disappears. Heroine Meera Nandan is there for two songs, Anupama as hero?s mother and Jayaprakash as father is totally wasted. Ravi Kale in a brief role as villain gets ?killed? after three scenes. Aadhi as an actor has improved leaps and bounds and has all the necessary stuff to be an action hero.

The major plus point of the film is Thamman?s music, with opening ?Kuthu Kuthu? and ?Aathadi Aathadi? being the pick of the lot. Sri Sriram?s camerawork is not up to the mark, as his lighting in night scenes is a big give away. Super Subbayan stunt scenes are stunningly choreographed, especially the scene where one of the baddies come with a dozen guys and try to kill the hero in a large open space. Editor Kasi Viswanathan?s chopping and cutting is largely responsible for all the confusion in the narration.

On the whole, Ayyanar is a mass film that is found wanting in tempo and packaging. On the plus side Aadhi is riveting and Thaman?s music is frothy.

Verdict- Average

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