Azhagar Malai

Azhagar Malai


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Movie Title

Azhagar Malai


SP Rajkumar

Star Cast

RK, Vadivelu, Bhanu, Sona, Napolean, Lal

Azhagar Malai has nothing new to offer and has a silly excuse for a plot, with some of the poorest actors you could possibly assemble, aimed at B and C centre audiences.

It?s the story of two brothers played by Napolean and RK. Rk is a drunkard whom no girl will marry. The brothers have an enemy (Lal) who has a sister and when RK gets reformed, he falls in love with a city bred girl (Bhanu). Vadivelu plays RK?s uncle who is his side-kick and always gets beaten up at regular intervals.

After plenty of romance and comedy along with some action, comes the turning point of the film. The heroine dumps RK at the marriage hall as she brings to light a previous molestation charge. It?s at this point that Manivannan, reveals the truth about the enmity of the two friends turned foes.

An old-fashioned tale with stereotypes for characters, Azhagar Malai fails miserably because the drama is so predictable and most of the performances are so embarrassing! RK has a blank look plastered across his face and he has to improve on dancing and emoting. Bhanu, a decent actress fails in a poorly written role and she needs help of a stylist if she is here to stay. The bikini scene of Sona may delight the voyeurs!

On the whole, it isn?t the kind of film that does not make you angry but leaves you bored. It is a long, tiresome journey to nowhere.

Verdict: Below Average

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