Azhagiya Theeye

Azhagiya Theeye

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Tuesday 03 August 2004

Movie Title

Azhagiya Theeye



Star Cast

Prakash Raj, Prasanna, Navya Nair

Character artist, villain and producer Prakash Raj needs to be seen in the right perspective. At a time when larger-than-life heroes, glamour girls, lewd dialogues and phoney item numbers are ruling the roost, Prakash Raj is determined to swim against the tide with his new film Azhagiya Theeye.

Along with director Radhamohan, he has tried to bring a savvy freshness to Tamil cinema hitherto unexplored. For this alone, Prakash Raj the producer deserves to be applauded. (Also read: Producing films is an expensive hobby: Prakash Raj)

The story is told in a flashback about four wannabe film technicians of Kodambakkam- Chandran, Chittapa, Murthy and Puyal who bind well are desperate to make ends meet. They do the occasional odd jobs like becoming cartoon characters at amusement parks, cooks at wedding parties to chase their dreams of making it big one day.

Chandran (Prasanna) is approached by a girl Nandhini (Navya Nair) to break her proposed marriage with a software engineer Aravind (Prakash Raj) from USA. She is forced by her father who is a thug (Pyramid Natarajan) to marry this guy. Later Chandran hatches a plan by which he meets Aravind at a restaurant and tells him that Nandhini is madly in love with him.

And the big twist is that Aravind does not walk away and instead stays back to see that the ?love birds? get united which upsets Chandran?s plans and his life. He is forced to marry Nandhini at a registrar office and she is thrown out of her house. Aravind arranges a flat for them and leaves for US.

How the couple starts liking each other after a series of incidents forms the rest of the love story. The story is wafer-thin and there are shades of Vikraman?s Puthuvasantham in the first half about the four aspiring youngsters with big dreams. At times the story drags as there is a lot of melodrama thrown in with one of the friends dying. And what was the idea of the story being told in a flashback?

Prasanna has improved from his 5 Star days in terms of emoting. Navya Nair is ok but lacks glamour. The rest of the cast are all good having done their parts with conviction. The music by Ramesh Vinayagam is soft and melodious. Parakash Raj is terrific with his dialogue delivery.

On the whole Azhagiya Theeye is good fun while it lasts.

Verdict: Above average

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