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Thursday 17 April 2003

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Rajesh Kumar Singh

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BAAGHI, directed by Rajesh Kumar Singh suffers from an identity crisis. Is it a gangster film, is it a love story, is it about a possessive brother, or is it about lost innocence? And then should it not be Vaastav, Tezaab or Lawaaris? In the end it is all and with so many elements thrown in it flattens under its own pressure.

There is Sanjay Dutt in his nth gangster film (Vaastav, Kartoos and Khauff in the recent past and the forthcoming Jung), a hired killer. He is the hired gun of Aditya Pancholi a super rich don who is maniacally possessive about his sister Tina Senn.

Sanjay Dutt takes Inder Kumar, who lives in his bustee, under his wing, a symbol of his lost childhood.

Inevitably Inder and Tina fall in love in college. Aditya is the don, Sanjay the pro and much much bloody confrontation later the lovers unite as both Sanjay and Aditya die in the battle.

The trouble with such gangster movies is that they never have anything to say, they are just an excuse for violence and more violence. Where small time hoods and police constables fall with a bullet, dons like Sanjay are seemingly invincible. In true Bollywood fashion, apna hero is able to fight despite six bullets lodged in his body and an iron rod piercing through his chest.

With so much of fighting and bonding between the men in the first half of the film, it is no wonder that the girls are left far behind. In the first half Manisha Koirala is only a photograph in Sanjay?s wallet. In the second half she has a brief appearance during which she wears awful clothes and does a horrendous song and shakes her body for the camera in typical dhak dhak style.

Tina Senn has a much longer role, but she is unbearable. She is not actress material and one suspects that she?ll never be seen again, till maybe Ramesh Sharma produces another film.

Amongst the men Inder Kumar is the only one who is tolerable to some extent, simply because the others are so bad.

Both Sanjay and Aditya are well past their prime and look it. Sanjay in particular looks haggard. Shivaji Satam as Inder Kumar?s harried father, who is worried that his son will go the Sanjay way, is the only person whose performance seems sincere.

The songs of Baaghi by Sajid-Wajid don?t even deserve a mention.

Rajesh Singh had earlier made another bad film Betaabi and now comes Baaghi. Enough Rajesh is all one can say.

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