Bachelor review: Premise is interesting and in a way daring!

Bachelor review: A one time watch

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 December 2021

Movie Title

Bachelor review: Premise is interesting and in a way daring!


Sathish Selvakumar

Star Cast

GV Prakash, Divya Bharathi, Baghavathy, Munishkanth

GV Prakash’s Bachelor premise is interesting and in a way daring. A deeply flawed guy with behavioral issues (like Arjun Reddy) and conservative background get into a live-in relationship with a hep modern girl and the problems that follow. Director Sathish Selvakumar does a Selvaraghavan type of story and turns it into a courtroom drama laced with humor and an unusual ending. 

Darling (GV Prakash) is a laid-back youngster who doesn't care about anything in life. Take this scene as an example, his close friend is bleeding and shouts in pain but our protagonist eats a plate full of biryani! He meets Subbu (Divya Bharathi), earns her attention,  and they begin a live-in relationship! Everything goes well for them until Subbu gets pregnant!

While Subbu wants to be a mom and live a happy life with Darling, the latter is against it and asks her to go for an abortion. Darling a man of few words was in the relationship just for sex. He has no remorse about it and goes his way. Things turn ugly after Subbu’s family cooks up a fake incident and arrests the family of Darling in a domestic violence case. Darling’s lawyer suggests another idea to win the case but that it will take away his masculinity, his most important pride! 

Director Sathish Selvakumar's characterisation of Darling seems to be based on a real-life person. But it is hard to believe that a sophisticated girl would accept someone like Darling and agree to a relationship. Despite some logical flaws, Bachelor has an engaging first half due to the comedy and explicit dialogues but the director could have done some editing in the second half which is stretched. The film at nearly 3 hours needs some trimming, to make it a bit more racy. 

You can't take everything light-hearted. When a filmmaker explores a sensitive angle like impotence, he should be responsible and write his scenes. But here the writing is all over the place except for the climax! 

GV Prakash is terrific as the guy with almost a dead pan expression and is perfectly cast. Divya Bharathi is good, though in the second half except the climax she has nothing much to do while Munishkanth, Baghavathy Perumal, and the boys' gang evoke some laughter. The film is technically solid with the superb camera work of Theni Easwar and stylish cuts by San Lokesh. The background score by Sidhu is top-notch!

To conclude, debutant Sathish succeeds largely to narrate a modern age man-woman relationship though his script needs more research and finesse! 

Verdict: OK 






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