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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 June 2011

Movie Title



V V Vinayak

Star Cast

Allu Arjun, Tamannah, Prakash Raj

Please watch Badrinath keeping in mind that you?re watching the Malayalam dubbed version of a Telugu film. The story is sure to defy every logic, the sets are garish, lavishly shot song ?n? dance sequences are going to happen at regular intervals, the hero will be invincible and the heroine, ethereal. It?s all there in Badrinath, but still it fails to keep you engaged and that's exactly where the film falters.

Now, if you are not used to the Telugu formula, the storyline may be a rather tough one to digest. Badri (Allu Arjun) has been sent to Badrinath temple by an expert martial arts guru named Bheeshma Narayan (Prakash Raj). His duty is to save the temple from every evil force.

Badri is an embodiment of talent and he can take on virtually anyone, however armed they are. Meanwhile, he becomes friendly with the beautiful Alakananda?s (Tamannah) family. Of course, in true filmi style, the hero and the heroine can?t stand each other initially. She doesn?t believe in God and Badri announces that in a matter of some days, she will become a believer. That she does, pretty easily, as anybody could guess.

All along, the lovely pair breaks into song n dance exercises, once in every fifteen minutes or so. From breathtaking sets to foreign locales, they do the exercises in style. Allu Arjun does intricate dance steps with remarkable ease and has done quite some hard work to make his role look convincing, while Tamannaah is really glamorous in skimpy outfits. Prakash Raj plays the guru in his signature style while Kelly Dorjee tries hard to make his role of the villain look menacing.

There is a comedy track that is going on amidst all these, which fails to evoke much laughs. The visuals are magnificent and Keeravani?s music may suit the mood of the film. But with a script that will surprise you with its inanity, the less said about the film, the better.

The simultaneous release of the Malayalam version of the film, along with the Telugu original, is an indicator of Allu Arjun?s tremendous popularity in this part of the world as well. But this time, the dancing sensation lets the viewers down and the main culprit here could be its weak storyline and a shaky script.

Verdict: Fails to impress

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